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    What is your icon?

    My avatar is another Sialia work. It represents Madriel, one of the gods in the Scarred Lands setting.
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    What are the best spells for a 3rd level cleric?

    D'oh, I read that wrong.
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    What are the best spells for a 3rd level cleric?

    Dispel Magic and Prayer are always good to memorize. I've used the Mass versions of Aid, Resist Energy, Resurgence and Lesser Vigor from the Spell Compendium a lot. Spells like Light of Venya ,Darkfire and Searing Light are useful if you have a good ranged attack. I've never taken Luck or...
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    How Can I Find Gamers?

    Get involved at your FLGS. Members of my gaming group have volunteered to run everything from board game demos, D&D minis and D&D one shots during Worldwide D&D Day. Last D&D Day, we were looking to recruit a couple of new players. With our entire group there we got to play with and speak to...
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    Funniest DM/player faux pas

    I guess I should own up to my own golden shower story. We'd just had a player leave the group due to his on-going personal problems. So Holy Bovine described a portal from another dimension opening up during our characters' breakfast and a voice commanding the warlock to come kneel at the feet...
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    Paladins and the Mentally Instable People that Play Them

    I've only ever played with one paladin in all the years I've been gaming. Almost everybody I play with belonged to the same gaming club in university which had a couple of DMs who ruined the class for them. I don't know whether these guys hated the class or just wanted to be jerks, but it was...
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    Funniest DM/player faux pas

    In my friend's off and on again Freeport game, the party was sent to an island to dig up a plant for a local wizard. We found it and were just starting to dig it up when invisible spiders dropped from the trees overhead. We battled them for several rounds, growing frustrated as they kept...
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    What are you going to see this weekend - 2005.06.29

    The only movie I want to see in a theatre right now is a limited release and it isn't showing anywhere near me. So instead it's a gaming marathon on Canada Day and a LOTR marathon the rest of the weekend.
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    The stupidest movie ever!

    I'm lucky. The two worst movies I've ever paid money to see have to be Wing Commander and The Avengers. I went into Wing Commander expecting it to be bad in a campy sort of way and it didn't even manage that. I saw The Avengers with my boyfriend and another couple and we kept telling each...
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    New Harry Potter trailer

    You can download it here. The Dementors are creepy.
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    Happy B-day Eric Noah, Angcuru and Uder!

    Happy Birthday, Eric!
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    Mom has passed

    My condolences, Mark.
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    Happy Birthday to me! Post me your Worst Verse!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sialia!
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    Suzi's Handicrafts.... (Now with more images!)

    Holy Bovine's sister-in-law did a cross-stitch wizard as a gift for emceeing at his brother's wedding. Post some pics of the ornaments when they're done. :)
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    Logan Taylor Dyal - Now, with Pictures!

    Congratulations, JD!