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    WOIN Programming (exploit)

    The Experiment career has the exploit Programming. 1/ Can the Initiative bonus from this exploit be used to modify a character's Initiative while on a starship. (i.e. Intuition +Starship Tactics +Programming). The reason I ask is because a starship Pilot with this exploit will have a massive...
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    WOIN [WOIN] Prisoner Career

    Your profile says Biloxi, you must have grown up here and moved away. I was looking for a new game, as I am waiting for Savage Worlds edition upgrade to trickle down. After reading enough different systems, you can gauge an authors ability to critically think by the way the core system is...
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    WOIN [WOIN] Prisoner Career

    I didn't know it existed. I'll do just that in a bit...
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    WOIN [WOIN] Prisoner Career

    Ok, gotcha. I got the wording from the OLD v1.2 that is going through proof reading. It must not have been updated yet.
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    WOIN [WOIN] Prisoner Career

    1/ During character creation, can a player voluntarily take the Prisoner career? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2a/ Prison Tough (N.E.W.): Each time you go to prison you gain a permanent +1 bonus to your DEFENSE and MENTAL...
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    WOIN Character Generation feedback

    I'm the type of GM that believes player PCs are the cream of the crop, otherwise why else play an RPG game? I'm allowing 4 points per die in my games for health and PSI points. (Of course I will still stick with 3.5 on DEFENSE) In my experience, players who roll an average of 2 on the dice...
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    WOIN [WOIN] Advancement via XP

    First time poster here, I'm really enjoying the OLD/NEW books... Question: After character creation, and after enough XP has been saved, if the player chooses a "new career grade" can she pick from ANY of the careers available? Careers like "Academy", "College", or "Prisoner" don't make sense...