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    White Dwarf Reflections #5

    After a rather lengthy hiatus, we're delighted to venture back into the gaming magazines of old for our regularly scheduled White Dwarf Retrospective. Issue no. 5 begins with a few delightful ads—a ¼ page for Dungeons & Starships, another ¼ page for Warriors of the Lost Continent minis, and a ½...
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    White Dwarf Revisited — Issue #4 Dec/Jan 1977/1978

    Amid the fungi and dense foliage of a forest, a timid a warrior fends off the brazen attacks of raven with murderous intent. Alice in Dungeonland, Monsters of Mild Malign and Hyboria all receive top billing. Quarter page ads for Warriors of the Lost Continent (miniatures), Games Centre, The...
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    White Dwarf Revisited — Issue #3 Oct/Nov 1977

    Amid the backdrop of a dank cave, two adventurers prepare for battle with a man in the process of transforming into a werewolf. A lone treasure chest sits at the foot of the warrior as a spider looms above. Below, this issue promises to teach readers how to paint Conan and do some solo dungeon...
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    Your Beginner's Guide to Warhammer 40K: Wrath & Glory

    Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory has been out for a few months and some of you may be wondering where to begin. We've got you covered! The Core Rulebook is already loaded with plenty of content to help players get their fill of role-playing in the 40K universe, but Ulisses North America also...
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    Last Minute Gifts: A Miniature Guide

    I love Miniature Market! A gift card for them would be a great gift as well. Great suggestion.
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    Last Minute Gifts: A Miniature Guide

    Greetings adventurers and fellow miniatures enthusiasts! Christmas is right around the corner and you may be looking for the perfect last minute gift for the miniature enthusiast in your home. Or, maybe you're not. Regardless of the case, I've put together a miniatures gift guide. Picture by...
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    White Dwarf Revisited — Issue #2 Aug/Sep 1977

    An evil wizard summons two foul beasts to ambush a cautious warrior. Surrounded with magical energy, the warrior shields his eyes and raised his bloody blade! In this issue, we get a review of the Green Planet Trilogy, how to score competitive D & D and another installment of the Monstermark...
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    Cracking Open Privateer Press' MiniCrate

    I love miniatures. Depending on one's style of play, miniatures can serve an important in-game function or simply be used as a stand-in for some other piece. Some gamers simply paint minis for the joy of the process. The MiniCrate from Privateer Press certainly goes a long way to appeal to the...
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    White Dwarf Revisited — Issue #1 June/July 1977

    Greetings, fair reader, and welcome to a brand-new science fiction and fantasy role-playing magazine, White Dwarf. In the pages of this tome, you’ll find reviews, how to play Dungeons & Dragons competitively and what really makes a monster evil. Opening the Dusty, Old Tome The first issue of...
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    SF Starfinder - Tips for running the game and the learning curve

    I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the awesome tip!
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    SF Starfinder - Tips for running the game and the learning curve

    Thanks for the feedback on those points. I'll have to study the starship combat rules a bit more in-depth, as I've come across that same issue. The game is fun so far.
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    SF Starfinder - Tips for running the game and the learning curve

    I ended up buying the Core book today and it honestly seems pretty straightforward. I'm excited to run my first game. I'm still interested in tips and feedback, but not nearly as nervous as before.
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    SF Starfinder - Tips for running the game and the learning curve

    I've been looking through some Starfinder material at my FLGS and must say I'm impressed with what I've seen! I am quite intrigued and interested in getting into the game. I've been running a D & D game since the mid-90s in one form or another, beginning in 2nd edition. I skipped 3rd and 4th...
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    Who You Gonna Call? Looking At West End Games' Ghostbusters RPG

    I've been a Ghostbusters fan for as long as I can remember, watching the film countless times. As much as I enjoyed it, the Real Ghostbusters cartoon expanded the universe in more interesting ways, supplanting the movie in my personal fandom. The Ghostbusters RPG took the series a step further...