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    Critical Role Matt Mercer Speaks About The Wildemount Book

    Not hearing anything about the blood hunter. I guess they aren't adding anything but the dunamancy subclasses.
  2. ppaladin123

    5E WotC Delays New D&D Book Announcement

    So between the price chance, the delayed announcement and the FR dice/map set that folks had assumed as tied to the release, is it possible they initially planned to announce a different product but decided it needed more work and switched the release order of it and this?
  3. ppaladin123

    5E WotC Delays New D&D Book Announcement

    I share your preferences but I have seen so many threads on reddit and GitP asking for helping building blood hunters and cobalt monks that I I imagine there is a market for this.
  4. ppaladin123

    5E Recommend me a tier 3 adventure

    I am going to be running a game for my coworkers and am thinking of lost mine of phandelver --> storm king's thunder and then who knows what if we make it that far, so I am interested in what people contribute to this thread.
  5. ppaladin123

    5E WotC Delays New D&D Book Announcement

    It appears to have been updated (h/t to folks on reddit: ) https://www.amazon.com/Dungeons-Dragons-Release-Announced-January/dp/0786966912/ So the critical role campaign setting!
  6. ppaladin123

    Can you name a fantasy rpg that is really flexible and not too difficult to learn?

    Chiming in to recommend Savage Worlds as flexible and easy to learn. And there are several fantasy settings built with it so you can get an idea how they used the building blocks to make races, magic, etc.
  7. ppaladin123

    5E Would you prefer warlord or psion as a new class?

    I'd like to see the warlord as a fighter subclass with maneuvers and, for example, the repositioning ability of the glamour bard, and the minor action 30ft ranged "aid another" abiility of the mastermind rogue.
  8. ppaladin123

    PF1E Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder CRPG Announced

    The warpriest is odd since it is, I think, supposed to be a paladin for people who don't want the LG paladin code. Both d&d 5e and pathfinder 2e went the alternate route of making a "paladin" class that wasn't restricted to a single code and alignment.
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    5E [5E] Maximum Support

    Oops...meant rogue 3 to pick up the MM bonus.
  10. ppaladin123

    PF1E Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder CRPG Announced

    The investigator with the empiricist archetype, the skald, and the warpriest. Also thinking that if the witch is in then the hexcrafter magus becomes an option.
  11. ppaladin123

    5E [GUIDE] So art lies hid by its own artifice - an artificer guide

    The battlesmith is great....except for its subclass spells, which are pretty poor. I was hoping for stuff like misty step and dimension door and other mobility enhancers/escape mechanisms. I think the Mark of Passage human is quite powerful for what it adds and I'd likely favor it over the Mark...
  12. ppaladin123

    5E [5E] Maximum Support

    Order cleric lets your allies perform attacks as a reaction when you target them with any spell. Glamour bard has the ability to totally reposition its allies. I'd probably go order cleric 1/mastermind rogue 3/glamour bard 16. EDITED to remove mistake.
  13. ppaladin123

    5E [Guide] How to Win Fights and Intimidate People (Another Barbarian Primer)

    Something weird going on. I added it...it shows up if you try to edit the post (you'll see it is there in the bullet-ed list) but it doesn't show up on the page otherwise. I looked at the html and there isn't anything obviously wrong there. Maybe @Morrus or Yunru can help?
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    5E [GUIDE] My Word Is My Sword: The Paladin Guide

    other good choices are dragonborn for the dragonfear feat and half-elf/half-orc/human for the prodigy efat (for expertise in athletics to make your shield bash very hard to resist...then aura +fear means they can't get up).
  15. ppaladin123

    5E [GUIDE] My Word Is My Sword: The Paladin Guide

    So is the prodigy feat (can give expertise in athletics) worth it for shield bash build (e.g. Aura of Conquest)?