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  1. rmalena

    Kickstarter Twill's Twist Points: Turn the D&D World to Your Advantage (Zinequest)

    Twill's Twist Points is a 56-page zine filled with 25 fantastic locations and rules to bring them to life! Each location has six twist points, unique objects and features that players can use to enhance their abilities and grant them new options in combat. From strange spell components and...
  2. rmalena

    DMs Guild Beastbonded: Animal Companions for Young Heroes (D&D for kids!)

    Hey folks! Today I released Beastbonded, a new background designed to get dynamic animal companions in the hands of young heroes! Through the howling support of these fantastic pets, younger players can bond with their very own best friend and start thinking like part of a team. This book is a...
  3. rmalena

    Empyrean Investigations, Detective Adventures for D&D5E: Final Three Days!

    Hey folks! As I type up this post, Empyrean Investigations has just 70 hours left before the campaign closes on Kickstarter. I posted back before I launched the project, but I wanted to give you the chance to check back in before the window for backing closes for good. Currently, backers of...
  4. rmalena

    Empyrean Investigations -- Detective Adventures for D&D 5E

    Empyrean Investigations is a book dedicated to bringing mystery to life in your home game of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Inside these pages, players will find ideas and mechanics for building their own detectives, and gamemasters will discover three investigative adventures as well as a...
  5. rmalena

    DMs Guild [DMs Guild] Rise of the Champions adventure for 3rd level characters is live!

    Hey folks, I've got a brand new adventure up on DMs Guild! Maybe it's the right adventure for your home game! Champions of Crown City is the kind of Adventure Path for players who love heroics and derring-do, filled to the brim with larger-than-life characters like the glorious Queen or the...