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Recent content by Sylrae

  1. Sylrae

    Product Updates?

    Is the TB Monster Manual coming soon? How about the reformatted PHB? The new Grim Tales? Thanks guys, interested to see what you came up with.
  2. Sylrae

    D&D 5E How are people currently feeling about 5e?

    A. The departure of Monte Cook makes me a little nervous. While he's not my favorite game designer, the current team is made up of the people that bored or irritated me all the way to other publishers and game systems just a couple years ago, when I discovered that I just didn't have fun playing...
  3. Sylrae

    D&D 1E My clever theory: why 1e AD&D is being reprinted

    I'm not all that interested in this product per se, but I'm considering buying it to encourage them to rerelease more retro products. Personally I'd like to see new printings of the 2e AD&D campaign settings. Maybe even system neutral adaptations of them. ... Actually, most of what I want at...
  4. Sylrae

    D&D 1E My clever theory: why 1e AD&D is being reprinted

    Or it could be that someone else wrote to them and gave them a decent business plan, which I don't think they would have ever thought of on their own.
  5. Sylrae

    D&D 5E One thing I want in my 5e!

    Give me back my monsters! I want the monsters that got ignored in 4e back. And Ideally, I want the ones who had special iconic powers to all have them again. Annd Put the monsters back in their categories. Example: It really bugged me how they changes up all the fiend types. Alot of them didnt...
  6. Sylrae

    Bring Back Verisimilitude, add in More Excitement!

    Here are the things I would want to see in the next Edition of D&D. Some of them are "New things", and some are things they took out that I think should have just been handled differently instead of completely removed. Of course, comments are welcome. In order of Priority 0. No rules-based...
  7. Sylrae

    No More Reptiles with Boobs!

    That always drives me crazy. Dragons, Snake People, Birds... If they're based on animals that aren't mammals, and aren't obviously "mammal from the waist up" like a drider or something, why are you giving the females boobs? And why is it that cat people and dog people and such have ape boobs...
  8. Sylrae

    Houserules to Introduce More Dynamic Combat?

    I want to encourage the players to do more interesting things in combat. More moving around, more maneuvers, etc. Here are some of the things I've got so far: 1. The Vital Strike Chain is now just part of BAB progression (you get them for free as you qualify). This should make it less...
  9. Sylrae

    Game Balance Opinions?

    I've been reading the Conan RPG (Atlantean Edition and 2e), and it looks like alot of fun, I'd like to use the system for my next game (though maybe in my own setting). However, I haven't seen it in play yet, so I'm looking for some input on things to look out for. In particular, I'm looking...
  10. Sylrae

    D&D 2E Pathfinder+Conan 2e...

    I've just come across Conan 2e. It looks very well thought out, and seems to be a really good Sword and Sorcery style d20 game. However I have most of the Pathfinder books. and Pathfinder has alot of great options. I consider it more fun than 3.x, but I'm really enjoying the low magic...
  11. Sylrae

    Homebrew: Culture Taken out of player Races.

    So here's my Idea (and something I'd like to do for my upcoming campaign). Going through the races, and anything that is cultural and/or something that is learned, gets taken out and replaced, and the races are adjusted to be the same power level without the culture built in. At the moment...
  12. Sylrae

    Mercenaries: Help Pricing Adventurer Hirelings?

    So, I'm looking for some advice on pricing out the services of NPC Adventurers by level. If the party is looking to hire on a level 5 cleric, can I get some advice on either: 1. Flat prices per day, or 2. Reasonable Profit Shares. The flat prices are probably harder to do. for profit shares I...
  13. Sylrae

    Help please - Cohorts: Leadership, Hired, Bought

    Okay. so we started a campaign My player is playing an escaped slave. He wanted to have escaped with 2 other slaves, and they stole an elephant from their captors. I had him pay the cost for a specialist slave (lv1 bard) for both of them, and he paid the cost for the elephant (from the...
  14. Sylrae

    Help With Building a Githyanki Duelist?

    I'm looking to build a Githyanki Duelist for a game. Basically I'm trying for: Good Damage (Prob a Striker) Light Armor or even no armor. Fast on his feet (Acrobatics, Athletics) Socially Capable (Diplomacy, Bluff) Sword(longsword or rapier) and Gun(flintlock pistol). And because of the...
  15. Sylrae

    Magic the Gathering based Magic system in PFRPG?

    For a M:tG Setting and Game. Heres the Idea: Ditch the d20 magic system, and the existing caster classes. Work in M:tG Cards. - Players build their own decks. More strict rules on deck building than in actual M;tG(some things dont translate well into an RPG). - Use Magic Set Editor for some...