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Product Updates?


First Post
Is the TB Monster Manual coming soon?

How about the reformatted PHB?

The new Grim Tales?

Thanks guys, interested to see what you came up with.
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Hi! And sorry for the late reply. We're still here and working hard. I'm about to give Wulf my last "hand-off" tonight actually - just have to finish up some text on the patronage monsters. The patronage monsters are looking pretty sweet if I do say so myself. :cool:

No news on things after the monster book, although I do have a bunch of stuff that won't make it into the monster book due to size constraints but I'd like to get them out in the future for free.

Unfortunately, next on the list for me is my thesis, which will take the rest of my summer. :eek: Things will calm down immensely for me after that so we'll see...

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