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    5E Resting in a mega-dungeon?

    My group absolutely wants to play a mega-dungeon, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. I am a bit worried on how to handle resting in such an environment. I usually try to have some story reason that encourages the players to push on, not taking a long rest after every major encounter. I don't...
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    5E You encounter 20 orcs ...

    Yeah, that is my most likely problem in my specific adventure. If the players go to the Shrine of Savras directly after Mountain Toe’s Mine, they will be level 4, not 5.
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    5E You encounter 20 orcs ...

    Hi there! I am currently DMing the 5E Essentials Kit adventure Dragon of Icespire Peak for a group of 5 players. In that adventure there is one encounter [SPOILER WARNING] called Shrine of Savras in which the group encounters "4 orcs per characters plus 3 ogres", if they are level 4 or level 5...
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    ZEITGEIST Map of Danoran Consulate (The Dying Skyseer)?

    Does anybody have a map for the Danoran Consulate in The Dying Skyseer? I don't need it for combat, but to give players an idea of the layout while investigating the events leading to the death of Nilasa.
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    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] 5e version of Sabotage encounter in Island of the Axis of the World

    Hi there! I ran a shortened version of the Zeitgeist adventure path in 4th edition, and am now starting to run a 5th edition version with new players. In comparison I noticed that from the Sabotage encounter the two fire sprites that were part of it in 4e have been removed in 5e. I am wondering...
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    ZEITGEIST Muzzle-loading property

    In the "Keep your powder dry" and ZEITGEIST 5E rules, most firearms have the muzzle-loading property: "Because of the extreme times required to reload this weapon, you must spend an action or bonus action to reload before you can shoot again". I am a bit confused about the "bonus action" part...
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    5E Two-weapon fighting paladin

    I'm covered with the Mini.
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    5E Two-weapon fighting paladin

    As only the fighter and ranger get the two-weapon fighting style, I don’t see the option to wield two weapons discussed much for the paladin class. I would like to discuss this option. Paladins get a series of “smite” spells, which they can cast as a bonus action. The problem with those is that...
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    Building interesting dungeon rooms

    A dungeon crawl which consists of a series of door-monster-treasure encounters can become pretty boring. More interesting dungeon rooms present the players with some decision to make. Now we all probably encountered rooms of the type "You enter a room with a red button on the wall. (If somebody...
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    Looking for help building a low level archer bard

    I’ve been looking at advice on building a bard using archery on the internet. However I found that a lot of theorycrafting is done for high-level characters. My bard will start at level 4, and the campaign might end before he reaches level 10. So some of the great advice I read (e.g. using the...
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    Extreme self-preservation

    I am playing at a role-playing club, where we are currently running a long event which is basically a series of dungeon crawls with many players and multiple DMs. Only rule, players need to be back at base by the end of the session. Then the next session can be a different mix of players with a...
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    Extreme self-preservation

    sorry, accidental double post
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    Playing D&D much faster

    One of the factors getting a lot of new players into D&D is the videos of groups like Acquisitions Incorporated or Critical Role they see on Twitch or YouTube. As a result, many of these new players think that what is shown in these videos is “how D&D is played”. But as a veteran D&D player, I...
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    5E Need advice on Out of the Abyss - Mantol-Derith

    I have a specific question about running chapter 9: Mantol-Derith in Out of the Abyss. If you haven’t played that adventure yet, my question might contain spoilers, and you are unlikely to have an answer. I am currently preparing chapter 9 of OotA for my group. I do understand the series of...
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    Do you increase monster hit points?

    As a DM I have two groups. None of the players are extreme min-maxers, but their characters are all reasonably optimized: They have an 18 in their main stat at level 5, they took a race that gives a bonus to their main stat, they selected spells and weapons that do good damage, they try to have...