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    An RPG I can support a KS of...

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/507486226/transhuman-the-eclipse-phase-players-guide# Been a big fan of this for several years now, after playing in an awesome 7 month long campaign. So I'm in on this one for the print and PDF.
  2. Treebore

    Harnmaster...a more mature and complex rpg?

    Yes, but I haven't bought it.
  3. Treebore

    Harnmaster...a more mature and complex rpg?

    I've never warmed up to the Harn system, but I have still bought lots and lots of the products. Why? Because they are full of awesome! As is much of the content on Lythia.com that is linked earlier. So even if a person isn't going to like the system, I still think they should buy the materials...
  4. Treebore

    Freeport FATE Core edition

    Yeah, I'm supporting it too.
  5. Treebore

    How many RPGs do you own?

    Easily over 70 individual RPG's. 1,000's of books, modules, and magazines. I have also played over 50 of them for at least 12 hours worth of gaming. Add one shots and convention games and I have played nearly every RPG I own.
  6. Treebore

    How many game sessions have you run?

    How many hours do you think that adds up to? Conservative estimates are fine, not trying to be scientific here. I would conservatively estimate that I have ran over 1,000 sessions, with an average of 6 hours of actual gaming for each session, so over 6,000 hours of actual game time running...
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    Attack Page warning?!

    Earlier today I was only getting this warning for the D&D/Pathfinder forum, I now get it for Enworld, period. I use Firefox.
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    review of The Bonegarden (by Necromancer Games 2004)

    I found the module pretty easy to run. I did change the encounter frequency to once per hour, no roll, it was going to happen, unless the party was, or did, do something to make themselves unable to be encountered, such as invisibility to undead, and I think I allowed Rope Trip to work too. As...
  9. Treebore

    D&D 5E Simplified 5e, Maneuvers n' stuff

    I bet there will be. Even if there isn't, if you want it, the fighter maneuvers give a good enough template to build a similar system for spell casters all on your own.
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    D&D 5E Simplified 5e, Maneuvers n' stuff

    In 1E AD&D Bards were Druids. Or at least Druidic. So there is precedent for a nature magic style Bard.
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    D&D 5E 11 spell levels... really

    Really? Well I am glad your not on the design team. Scaling spells is not hard, even to spread them out over 30 levels instead of 18. As well as slowing down acquisition of them. A large part of the problem with spell casters is not only how powerful the spells are, but how many of them can be...
  12. Treebore

    What's The Best Monster Book?

    The HoB is a fine book. I'd love to see others adopt its presentation.
  13. Treebore

    D&D 5E 11 spell levels... really

    I think having more spell levels and spreading gaining them out over 30 character levels would do a lot to make higher level play easier to manage as well as keeping spell casters from being more impressively powerful than non spell casters. The new Hackmaster essentially did this, and I liked...