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Recent content by Trevalon Moonleirion

  1. Trevalon Moonleirion

    Swarm of Death Scarabs

    Hey Guys--looking for feedback on this first draft of a conversion of this swarm, originally found in the 3.5 splatbook Sandstorm Pardon the partially-removed XML, I had worked up the conversion while on the go in the excellent GameMaster 5 app on my iPad, then exported the data to my computer...
  2. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E Converting 4e monsters?

    Pardon the thread necromancy, but I've been looking for something like the documents you created and linked right there for months, and now I finally found some more current guidelines to base my work converting some 4e critters to 5e off of. Well done, JEB! Thanks!
  3. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 5E Attacking a Creature Engulfing A PC (or in a Grapple, I suppose)

    Howdy folks! I've flipped through the core books a few times in search of an answer, but can't seem to find any guidance, so I'm wondering how everyone else is ruling it at the table. Take a look at a monster like the Darkmantle (which I'm using as a base for the delightfully creepy Skin Kite...
  4. Trevalon Moonleirion

    Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen

    5 out of 5 rating for Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen As others have mentioned, a solid, well-built cardboard affair with very nice artwork both outside as well as inside--which I find to be a nice touch. While several have griped about the inclusion of an entire panel (or more) being devoted to...
  5. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 5E How Deadly is a "deadly" encounter, on average?

    I'm whipping up some encounters for my next session (so my players stay out!), and while I realize we've got some guidelines from the basic DM rules (and the very cool asmor online generator others have been linking of late-- http://asmor.com/5e/monsters/#/encounter-builder ), I'm curious to see...
  6. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E Help me rename 4e's "fell taints"

    Great discussion and ideas! :) I'm no language expert and none of my players are, so I'm sure your credentials (fake or real as they may be LOL) will suit my needs just fine. Many thanks, and feel free to chime in, anyone who knows these languages!
  7. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E Help me rename 4e's "fell taints"

    I like those pseudo-scientific names. I might run with those a bit since there's at least one research/detail oriented character, and several scholarly NPCs that might have information on the things. Thanks!
  8. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E Help me rename 4e's "fell taints"

    Aha! So I wasn't making things up then. Good! Thanks so much for the thorough reply. I like the suggestions. Madness wisp seems to fit well with how I've been describing them in game. Feel free to keep other suggestions coming in, though, folks!
  9. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E Help me rename 4e's "fell taints"

    Howdy folks! While I've tagged this as 4e, since the creatures made their debut in an issue of Dragon and have 4e stats, the thread is pretty universal in scope. One of the big enemies of my campaign so far have been fell taints--they're weird little creatures from the Far Realm that are the...
  10. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E [4e] Lycanthropes - the easy way...

    Well, if you're looking to play a real lycanthrope, I suppose this would be a workable solution. Personally, playing a shifter of any class scratches the scary monster itch for me well enough, but if you really wanted to go all out monster for a game...this'd probably do the trick.
  11. Trevalon Moonleirion

    Lycanthropy Using the Disease Track

    Apologies if this has been discussed before--I'm generally bad at looking for older threads on ENWorld, and my initial googling didn't turn anything up. I really enjoy how 4e handles diseases. I don't particularly care for my inability to make my PCs sweat about killing their own party after...
  12. Trevalon Moonleirion

    Help with Ardent/Bard issues in CB

    Howdy ENWorlders! I've been putzing around with character builder's most recent update and seem to have run into a bug, or haven't done something right. I've built a 7th level hybrid ardent/bard and picked the mantle power hybrid talent option to give me my mantle power (ardent alacrity). Is...
  13. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E 4e dinosaurs?

    If you google search for 4e dinosaur or behemoth stats you can find some workable ones. I was particularly fond of the velociraptor swarm I used for a gameday. I think it came from here: [4e] Dinosaur Conversions - RPGnet Forums That thead aside, as others have suggested, reskinning other...
  14. Trevalon Moonleirion

    Help me Tweak a Chase Skill Challenge (my players stay out!)

    Hey ENWorlders, I’ve been mulling over a skill challenge for my group the past few days and I’m not entirely sure how I want to run it. Your help and input is greatly appreciated. If you play in my game, GTHO of this thread. ;) My last session ended with an almost-bungled plan by the PCs...
  15. Trevalon Moonleirion

    D&D 4E Running player commentary on PCat's 4E Campaign - Heroic tier (finished)

    I can say from recent experience that the more you run, the better you get. I'm really getting a kick out of being in the DM's chair again. Also, not to derail the thread, but seriously? You can't give DM feedback anymore? That's super lame!!! Okay. Thread derail over. What I love about...