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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    I live in Central Pennsylvania. It is sold out here.
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    5E Super Deadly 5E?

    I have the monsters react realistically based on their nature, goals and what they know. Usually monsters are fighting to simply survive the onslaught of murder hobos. So they will attack a PC until it is no longer a clear threat and then will attack the next threat they believe they can harm...
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    5E How many short rests per long rest?

    I limit it to 3, but...(small but...sorry) I don't have them really require any time...if we have come out of initiative and the party is going to do some non-strenuous activity like loot the room or search for secret doors, PCs that want to heal or recharge short rest powers can. Also healing...
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    removing cantrips: what to give instead?

    What about just a limit rather than take them away completely. Instead of "cantrips known" you get to cast that many per long rest (or maybe even long or short rest?) but can cast any of them. I like the non-combat cantrips. They add flavor and interesting utility to casters. I don't like the...
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    Glyph of Warding

    Well, I guess that makes sense. Cost of a 3rd level spell and 200gp is pretty light for what would be essentially a consumable magic item. It seems like there would be better ways to prevent that, though. Maybe set a minimum size and weight? Limit what spells can be used to "harmful" spells...
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    Glyph of Warding

    Wow. I never realized that about the spell. So you can't cast the spell on a chest and then move the chest? So if the chest is in the dungeon below his tower, great. But if the wizard decides to leave and take the chest with him the GoW just stops working? Anyone know why? Was it like this...
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    Wall of Force

    By RAW, why would charm person pass but magic missile not? Both use the same wording for targetting creatures. If there is a physical barrier between the caster and the target the spell cannot work unless there is something in its description that specifically overrides this rule (full...
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    Wall of Force

    Maybe I missed it in the thread but did anyone look at the description of Dimension Door? The general rule is you must have a clear path to the target (line of effect) and be able to see the target. DD has specific rules that override this. So yes. You can teleport through wall of force by RAW.
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    Multiply Die?

    If you want to reduce die rolling and math, just roll 1 or 2 dice and add the result to half the 10d10? 50+1d10. Gives the same average. Results are evenly distributed between 51 and 60. A lot of DMs do this. I think it was Chris Perkins who said he just rolls two or three dice...
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    Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    And to take your point a lottle further, freedom of association is right up there with freedom of speech. Implied in freedom of association is freedom to not associate...which is exactly what is happening here. I have seen no one in this thread defend the sentiments being discussed. That he...
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    5E Clerics Without Cantrips

    My solution with guidance if it gets spammed is just give the cleric player a big bright d4. They pass it around as desired and can say something RP likeif they want, or not. The players roll it with their roll. I am untroubled by it. 9 times out of 10 if I am allowing a check I WANT them...
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    5E Clerics Without Cantrips

    I wish they had not made any damaging cantrips or limited them to types that don't circumvent certain damage resistances or regeneration. Too often low level parties find ways around what should make a monster scary with a cantrip they can use without limit. I had a low level party meet a...
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    Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    I think you are making the mistake of generalizing. Individuals are not their demographics but demographics are comprised of those individuals. I am nearly 50. So gen-x. The internet was becoming a thing available to the masses as we became adults. It was the wild west. You could say...
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    Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    Because people live in a bubble of their own making. It isn't a right left thing. It is a human thing. Social media makes it easier and more catestrophic when the bubble bursts. I am against cancel culture. I don't do boycotts. I think judging a person by a few social media posts is like...
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    On Magic Users and Darts: What's Up With That?

    IIRC the go to ranged weapon for non-martial types was a sling. I recall loading up on sling stones every time I stopped at any shop.