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    3E/3.5 Ed Wars: 4E Fan Finally Gets 3E Fans' POV

    Herschel, Obryn The only criticism I have for you guys is that you attempt to "argue" that issues people have with 4e are invalid. Keep in mind that we have an issue and that is indisputable. We give reasons for why we have an issue and they may or may not be 100% valid. So even if you are...
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    Kickstarter Too many Kickstarter projects? Is Kickstarter the new d20 glut?

    It will be interesting to see how the wheat is separated from the chaff over time. Eventually the number (maybe it's now for me) will overwhelm people's ability to review what's out there. It will definitely lead to more discernment. I've participated in a few. I always ask myself the...
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    Idea for improving 5 minute workday issue

    In 4th Edition I've noticed the 5 minute workday is still alive and well. So I had an idea. Instead of Daily Powers why not have x charges per level. I'm thinking about 4 uses of a daily power per level? Obviously this number can go up or down but what about the concept? Seems to solve...
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    Response to recent article by James Wyatt on DMG

    While I love 4e and plan on playing it regularly, I personally feel the DM philosophy on many fronts has been downhill. I guess I much prefer that than the opposite.. good DM philosophy and bad game. James Wyatt makes the point that the ability of player characters to get their hands on any...
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    4E Multiclassing theory for 4e

    Here is a post I made on the WOTC forums.. I talked to Mike Mearls at D&DEXP. He was somewhat vague of course but here is what I took from the conversation with him. Full Multiclassing... 1. Your classes all go up in levels together 2. You get powers assigned based on some kind of...