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Level Up Cheat Sheets 1.2

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Cheat Sheets I made for my game for Actions/Basic Maneuvers, Conditions, Weapons/Armor Tables and Properties. Intended to be printed 2 sided to keep similar things together.

Let me know if there's typos or improvements to layout that you can see. I'm not super happy with where shields as they would make more sense on the armor/weapons sheet, but space is pretty limited there.
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Latest updates

  1. minor updates

    Updated a few typos. Added a short 'reactions' section.
  2. Level Up Cheat Sheets

    Removed copy/paste error in shields and duplicated Parrying Immunity trait.

Latest reviews

Update is nice. And i've been using this in game a lot.
What a useful six-page document! Thank you for making it, Anselm. I will be glad to use this in my game if it ever gets off the ground.
Glad its helpful! Let me know if anything stands out in areas of improvement as you use it more.