D&D 5E “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite character class?”


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Just a light hearted question among fellow fans…

There have been some great posts about game theory, the history of D&D and related topics. But I thought I would start a conversation of the sort I might have with pals in person. I know their gaming profile after many years but am curious about yours.

What is your favorite class and subclass and why? Purely for fun would love to know why people play what they play.

And perhaps relatedly, how much do you deviate.

For completeness, let’s include multiclassing too.

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If 3PP is acceptable, I had the most fun as a player of 5E when I was playing MCDM's Illrigger, specifically the caster subclass. Lots of built in opportunity for making my friends feel cool with their core "Divine Smite lite" mechanic that can trigger on others' attacks, lots of neat illusion spells. And then there's just the theming of "hell knight."

If I gotta stay in house, probably Paladin? I generally don't like playing 5E as much as running it because I like martials.


The High Aldwin
Rogue Scout is probably my favorite class/subclass combo. I like skill monkeys and the scout gives a couple more expertise skills, while the sneak attack fits the ambush mentality I have for a "scout".

Ranger Gloom Stalker is a close second, for similar reasons.

Which is preferable depends a lot on if I want to utilize Ranger spells or not.


Dragon Lover
This is a tough question as I have had fun with many classes and subclasses.

Storm Sorcerer is one of my favorite theme casters, zipping around the battlefield with teleporting and lightning damage spells is always a blast.

Undead Warlock was a lot of fun, pretending to be a mini Nightwalker with my Form of Dread and clawing at opponents with Primal Savagery or Vampiric Touch and causing fear in my opponents.

Artillerist Artificer is a fun ranger blaster, and I especially had fun with a Tortle Artificer who mounted her cannon on her back like a Blastoise which was awesome.

I have a couple or archetypes I tend to re-use.

Martial artists that are completely equipment free - Iron Fist instead of Cap or Nightwing in comics, 3rd, classic VoP monk, those sorts of things. Even I don't play this archetype, I tend towards martial artists a LOT.

Wizard/Clerics - I must have all |o/ the spells.

Paladins - not bad holier than than though stuff though - someone who has great faith and belief is something beyond herself (my paladins tend to be female by and large), and gain power from that.

After that depends on genre, game, tone and such - put I tend toward those types in just about any genre I play (Primarily Supers and High Fantasy).

I've played most D&D classes over the years, although I tend to shy away from Druids Ranges Barbarians and Rogues. Just not my flavor.
Superhero types... I played the big 5 or 6 types a number of times, at most others at least once (Brick, Energy Projector, Supersuit, Agile Guy, Mentalist, Supermage for the big ones, cosmic manipulators, speedsters, shrink/growth characters and others)

The Scout Variant Fighter from D&D Wiki. Scout, Variant (5e Subclass) - D&D Wiki I think this variant is someone's attempt at converting 3e's Scout Class (Complete Adventurer) into a 5e Fighter Subclass. I like it's Skirmish and Movement abilities.

Then there is the Blade Dancer Fighter Subclass Also from D&D Wiki. Blade Dancer, 2nd Variant (5e Subclass) - D&D Wiki This subclass attempts to fix the problem the class has with the Two-Weapon Fighting style. Namely the number of attacks you can make with your offhand vs your primary hand. I might play this one next. :p

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