13th Age Bestiary


5 out of 5 rating for 13th Age Bestiary

There is not a word wasted in this book. The introduction tells you what the book is for and gives some advice on how to use the book and build interesting and thematic encounters. Then we get to the meat of the book, the beasts, monsters and villains. As with all things 13th Age this book gets to the nub of the matter, only presenting information that will be useful to you, whether that be the monster backgrounds, plot hooks or the stat blocks themselves, everything is geared towards being useful, and fun. Each creature entry has the following: * Creature background / ecology / names * Building battles - using the creatures in combat encounters, usually suggesting pairings with other creatures that make thamtic sense, but may not be obvious * Relationship to the icons * Adventure hooks * Things that you find with the creature (in their lair/in their general environment/things they carry) * Stat blocks - usually multiple variants of a creature type (such as the four variants of the black dragon - Catacomb, Gorge, Void and Empyrean) * Nastier Specials - options to make creatures different from the norm and make them even nastier! (This is not present on all creature entries) The creature ecologies and plot hooks are that awesome that even those that don't play 13th Age would find them useful (although I think it would be a bit of an expensive book just for those). The creatures feel like they are really grounded in a living breathing world, without it ever becoming too restrictive on the DM to have to use them in "one true way". The sidebars suggesting variants from what is presented, the suggestions of how to relate the creatures with other creatures and the adventure hooks, means that there is no way any two games are going to have exactly the same experience with any monster in this book. The book ends with a detailled look at how GMs can create their own monsters. A brief description of reskinning monsters, a bit more in depth about how to tweak exisitng mosnters and then a detailled explanation of how to create your own monsters from scratch. All in all, if you run 13th Age - buy this book. If you run 4th Edition D&D it would probably be useful as the monsters shiould be relatively straightforward to convert. If you run any other fantasy RPG, then it's certainly worth a look, but may be wait for a sale to buy it rather than purchase it at full price as while it is an awesome source of inspiration you may not get full use of the book.

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5 out of 5 rating for 13th Age Bestiary

An excellent bestiary with varied and imaginitive monsters, both the expected and the unexpected. The gem are the pages of advice on how to design or reskin monsters for exciting and new play at the table.

5 out of 5 rating for 13th Age Bestiary

The Bestiary acts as a monster manual and campaign supplement. Each monster comes with scenario ideas. If get this book and you don't get your brain overwhelmed by crazy and weird adventure seeds, you are probably playing the wrong game!

Philip Francis

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5 out of 5 rating for 13th Age Bestiary

As others have said, the real value of this book is not really the monster stats or the special abilities (although some, like my favourite 'the Redcap', are begging to be used just to torment the players!) but in the inspiration that the over-worked GM can draw from them. By providing multiple suggestions on possible monster origins, or fully fleshed out descriptions of behaviour and tactics you can find yourself with just the hook you need to introduce the creature in ways that might be novel or that bring an interesting twist to the story. The smallest detail that I found I missed more than I thought I would in Bestiary 2 and other monster manuals is the entry on certain monsters of 'what they might carry'. These are brilliant little snippets of flavour showing the likely nature and pecking order for what might otherwise be mundane fodder, some of which suggest interesting subplots of their own e.g for Drow there is "Pictures of drow family. Picture of your family, a map, and certain instructions."

Enrico Poli1

5 out of 5 rating for 13th Age Bestiary

This is an excellent bestiary, one of the best.
Written in a witty, funny way; with consistently beautiful art; the true valor of this bestiary consists in the many creative ideas given with every monster. They are also provided with Icon connections, very useful within the system.
If you play 13th Age, buy it at once - its quality is superior to that of the Core Book. If you just collect Bestiaries, this one will probably enter your Top 10.

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