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13th Age
is a d20 fantasy RPG produced by Pelgrane Press and written by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet. "This is the RPG that Rob (lead designer of 4th edition D&D) and Jonathan (lead designer of 3rd edition D&D, Over the Edge and Everway) play at their own tables. New mechanics such as backgrounds, icon relationships, escalation dice and uniques offer exciting storytelling possibilities, simple yet powerful skill rules and fun, fast-moving combat."
[h=1]Product Schedule[/h]
13th Age Core RulebookAugust 2013PDF available with pre-orders.
13 True WaysApril 2014"New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell." (Kickstarter page)
13th Age Bestiary2014Our preview.
Shards of the Broken Sky2014Rob Heinsoo - "...an adventurer tier sandbox adventure that could even be played twice by the same group with different characters and icon connections."
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[h=1]Third Party[/h]
13th Age is an OGL game. Publishers can indicate compatibility with the Archmage Engine logo.
  • Noonan/Baker's Primeval Thule setting is being tri-stated for 4E, Pathfinder and 13th Age. (the Kickstarter)
  • The Last Stand (defend Earth from giant insects) is getting a 13th Age conversion. (the Kickstarter)
  • Bestiary of the Curiously Odd (monster book) is also getting a 13th Age conversion. (the Kickstarter)

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