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1d100 Tavern Drinks To Spice Up Your Game!

This article is designed to help you quickly describe tavern drinks in your game. Ales, beers, lagers, spirits, rum, grog, mead, cider, bitter, whiskey, port - created by dwarves, gnomes, elves, orcs, and more.


Art by Indi Martin

Below, you'll find 100 different drinks. When in need, simply throw 1d100 and voila! You have a drink to describe to your players!

While this list was designed with D&D in mind, it should be easy to use in any fantasy roleplaying game. Each drink also has an appearance, odour, and an [optional] price.

So, without further ado... roll 1d100!

1. Honest Bill Spirits [8sp; violet, bubbly, smells like cheese]
2. Dwarven Stiffshield Cider [9sp; amber, translucent, smells like basil]
3. Bachelor's Prince Mead [4sp; brown, opaque, smells like peat]
4. Gnomish Fudgrin Bitter [9sp; grey, opaque, smells like bacon]
5. Saucy Beard Lager [10sp; amber, opaque, smells like bacon]
6. Elven Tinurod Mead [2sp; amber, sticky, smells like pine]
7. Little Crow Cognac [10sp; blue, cloudy, smells like walnut]
8. Good King Rum [9sp; violet, sticky, smells like citrus]
9. Speedy Eye Beer [10sp; grey, glowing, smells like spices]
10. Orcish Redghost Cider [4sp; tan, opaque, smells like pine]
11. Dwarven Thunderbreaker Stout [1sp; crimson, opaque, smells like banana]
12. Cold John Whiskey [6sp; grey, glowing, smells like butterscotch]
13. Cheap Hand Grog [9sp; grey, opaque, smells like sage]
14. Dwarven Greyaxe Beer [4sp; blue, syrupy, smells like smoke]
15. Good Hook Whiskey [4sp; yellow, opaque, smells like vanilla]
16. Easy Hook Cognac [10sp; amber, fizzing, smells like herbs]
17. Dwarven Greyheart Spirits [6sp; red, bubbly, smells like chicken]
18. Orcish Pitbasher Whiskey [8sp; violet, bubbly, smells like coconut]
19. Haughty Beard Lager [6sp; green, cloudy, smells like pine]
20. Cheerful Hawk Rum [9sp; white, syrupy, smells like leather]
21. Charming Rock Grog [5sp; orange, bubbly, smells like chicken]
22. Humble Snake Stout [5sp; tan, syrupy, smells like flowers]
23. Fat Beard Gin [6sp; purple, syrupy, smells like basil]
24. Elven Imdir Mead [7sp; yellow, fizzing, smells like grass]
25. Little Bones Port [6sp; purple, syrupy, smells like brimstone]
26. Tricky Marquis Whiskey [9sp; yellow, glowing, smells like smoke]
27. Jealous Snake Stout [4sp; blue, glowing, smells like coconut]
28. Orcish Blackstalker Bitter [8sp; brown, cloudy, smells like the sea]
29. Gnomish Guilderbelly Gin [7sp; grey, syrupy, smells like peat]
30. Lucky Dancer Rum [7sp; indigo, translucent, smells like banana]
31. Elven Earhros Bitter [5sp; black, fizzing, smells like peat]
32. Happy Bill Ale [9sp; brown, cloudy, smells like cedar]
33. East Rat Port [5sp; indigo, bubbly, smells like treacle]
34. Orcish Stinkshade Beer [3sp; violet, fizzing, smells like lemons]
35. Night Blade Rum [7sp; indigo, glowing, smells like grass]
36. Loyal King Bitter [7sp; violet, syrupy, smells like the sea]
37. Bachelor's Dog [10sp; ivory, sticky, smells like cheese]
38. Moody Lord Lager [3sp; black, opaque, smells like lamp oil]
39. Dwarven Bronzemine Cider [8sp; orange, bubbly, smells like cheese]
40. Fat Corsair Rum [3sp; brown, glowing, smells like treacle]
41. Halfling Longhole Port [8sp; turqoise, translucent, smells like egg]
42. North Blade Mead [8sp; grey, translucent, smells like chicken]
43. Crimson Abbot Grog [2sp; brown, translucent, smells like egg]
44. Elven Egalie Cognac [1sp; burgundy, sticky, smells like coffee]
45. Elven Engorm Lager [6sp; blue, translucent, smells like herbs]
46. Merry Dragon Beer [6sp; black, opaque, smells like rotting food]
47. Crimson Jake Lager [3sp; orange, opaque, smells like herbs]
48. Tan Rat Rum [4sp; amber, glowing, smells like basil]
49. Good Emperor Cognac [3sp; lavender, opaque, smells like baking bread]
50. Honest Bill Cider [7sp; green, cloudy, smells like vinegar]
51. Haughty Beard Port [9sp; green, translucent, smells like bonfires]
52. Purple Marquis Mead [9sp; charcoal, opaque, smells like flowers]
53. Dwarven Ironfist Cognac [6sp; amber, cloudy, smells like straw]
54. Sudden Beard Lager [9sp; crimson, glowing, smells like treacle]
55. Rude Beard Brandy [1sp; indigo, glowing, smells like pine]
56. Haughty Crow Bitter [4sp; green, sticky, smells like mint]
57. Night Blade Ale [5sp; green, syrupy, smells like garlic]
58. Black Blade Cognac [7sp; amber, fizzing, smells like treacle]
59. Grey Corsair Beer [5sp; yellow, cloudy, smells like pine]
60. Drunken Bird Rum [8sp; indigo, syrupy, smells like herbs]
61. Orcish Stinkbasher [4sp; charcoal, sticky, smells like grass]
62. Cheerful Hawk Bitter [8sp; grey, fizzing, smells like grass]
63. Cheap John Bitter [2sp; green, bubbly, smells like lemons]
64. West Crow Spirit [5sp; amber, sticky, smells like wet dog]
65. Big Claw Bitter [5sp; brown, syrupy, smells like spices]
66. Black Archbishop Lager [5sp; turqoise, translucent, smells like apples]
67. Greenstage Grog [2sp; amber, bubbly, smells like chicken]
68. Twilight Rest Gin [10sp; charcoal, fizzing, smells like chocolate]
69. Gnomish Gearchuckle Stout [8sp; red, fizzing, smells like wet dog]
70. Halfling Lighfoot Cider [4sp; brown, cloudy, smells like egg]
71. Black Blade Beer [1sp; indigo, bubbly, smells like bacon]
72. Easy Hook Bitter [3sp; purple, sticky, smells like the sea]
73. Good Beard Brandy [4sp; charcoal, syrupy, smells like fish]
74. Elven Galfindel Beer [6sp; indigo, translucent, smells like basil]
75. Elven Gwindir Port [9sp; burgundy, syrupy, smells like coconut]
76. West Bones Brandy [3sp; crimson, fizzing, smells like spices]
77. Dwarven Steelshield Gin [6sp; green, bubbly, smells like vinegar]
78. Dwarven Redquarry Ale [1sp; yellow, glowing, smells like pepper]
79. Elven Erestwë Port [4sp; blue, fizzing, smells like peat]
80. Greedy Crow Lager [10sp; burgundy, syrupy, smells like coffee]
81. Elven Nimroinyë Whiskey [6sp; grey, cloudy, smells like apples]
82. Good Eye Whiskey [1sp; lavender, syrupy, smells like coffee]
83. Elven Celetië Bitter [4sp; charcoal, syrupy, smells like sulfur]
84. Cheerful Crow Cider [4sp; green, fizzing, smells like grass]
85. Uppool Cider [2sp; brown, syrupy, smells like chocolate]
86. Greedy Sword Wine [2sp; ivory, syrupy, smells like coconut]
87. Elven Penrodel Ale [9sp; lavender, opaque, smells like brimstone]
88. Gnomish Fusebiddle Mead [4sp; violet, bubbly, smells like peat]
89. Dwarven Slatehorn Bitter [10sp; grey, bubbly, smells like mint]
90. Indigo Corsair Grog [2sp; yellow, opaque, smells like honey]
91. Colworth Brandy [2sp; turqoise, glowing, smells like peat]
92. East Rock Mead [1sp; white, fizzing, smells like walnut]
93. Loyal Sword Gin [9sp; amber, glowing, smells like the sea]
94. Gnomish Electromottin Beer [3sp; white, opaque, smells like apples]
95. Speedy Dancer Wine [6sp; turqoise, translucent, smells like pepper]
96. Crooked Baron Port [7sp; black, opaque, smells like pears]
97. Eastley Port [4sp; brown, glowing, smells like flowers]
98. Dwarven Copperjaw Whiskey [8sp; orange, translucent, smells like fruit]
99. Elven Maghel Grog [3sp; amber, syrupy, smells like citrus]
100. Lucky Beard Wine [9sp; orange, translucent, smells like straw]
Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

These are awesome! Will definitely use.

One small boozehound quibble:

Night Blade Rum [7sp; indigo, glowing, smells like grass]

I’ve yet to taste a rum that I thought had a grassy taste (and I’ve drunk a bunch of rum). I’d switch that to molasses, vanilla, or spices. Either that or change it to vodka.

Bill Winski

First Post
Here's one of my favorites that I created for my Primeval Thule campaign:

Gröll: A beer brewed by the Nimothans. Served hot on cold days, warmed gröll can also be mixed with bread or grain to make a stand-alone meal... a beer-porridge of sorts.

Bill W.


First Post
Monetary value in games is really subjective, of course... but these prices seem high to me if I'm imagining commoners in a tavern in D&D 5E. I'll probably change SP to CP because in my games the gold piece is pretty valuable. Though this is a great way to part extra coinage from adventurers!

I created a list of alcoholic drinks for my pirate campaign as well:


Ale (4cp, DC 9, Made from malted barley.)
Brandy (2gp, DC 10, Distilled wine.)
Cyrian Ricewine (3sp, DC 10, Made from rice.)
Dwarven Stout (4gp, DC 12, Imported from the Oarsmen.)
Gin (2gp, DC 11, Made from Juniper Berries.)
Kooghan Vodka (12cp, DC 11, Made from coconuts.)
Mead (9cp, DC 10, Made from honey.)
Grog, cheap (5sp, DC 10, Rum, water and citrus.)
Grog, Pirate (1gp, DC 11, Burns holes in tables.)
Rum, Cheap (8cp, DC 8, Made from sugarcane juice.)
Rum, Coconut (23cp, DC 9, Made from coconuts.)
Rum, Dark (7sp, DC 10, Aged longer than normal rum.)
Rum, Gold (6sp, DC 9, In between light and dark rum.)
Rum, Light (5sp, DC 7, Mostly used for cocktails.)
Rum, Spiced (17cp, DC 8, Light rum with added spices.)
Scotch (7cp, DC 12, Made from malt barley.)
Sherry (7cp, DC 9, Wine from white grapes.)
Tequila (25sp, DC 12, Made from blue agave.)
Whiskey (1sp, DC 12, Made from fermented grain.)
Wine, Cheap (2sp, DC 9, Cheap wine, made from grapes.)
Wine, Valensian (3sp, DC 9, From Saint-Valenz wineries.)
Wine, Nimaehan (2gp, DC 10, Imported from Nimaeh.)
Wine, Marducian (5gp, DC 11, Imported from Marduce.)

Mixed drinks

Anchors Aweigh (20gp, DC 11, Rum Spiced/Dark/Coconut + Pineapple Juice + Banana + Strawberry)
Ambassador (64gp, DC 13, Tequila + Syrup + Orange Juice)
Barbassirian Coast (26gp, DC 13, Rum + Cacao + Gin + Scotch)
Bat Bite (12sp, DC 9, Spiced Rum + Cranberry juice + Grenadine)
Bend over Shirley (11sp, DC 12, Kooghan Vodka + Grenadine + 2 Cherries)
Black William (5gp, DC 13, Dwarven Stout + Kooghan Vodka)
Black William’s Ghost (6gp, DC 14, Dwarven Stout + Kooghan Vodka + Rum)
Bloody Hurricane (27sp, DC 13, Tequila + Mead + Grenadine)
Calypso Cooler (33gp, DC 11, Spiced rum + Peach + Dark Rum + Orange Juice + Grenadine + Lime Juice + Lemon Juice)
Cast Away (25gp, DC 10, Coconut Rum + Orange Juice + Banana + Strawberry Juice.)
Cussing Parrot (18gp, DC 13, Tequila + Tabasco Sauce)
Dances with Wenches (2sp, DC 9, Spiced Rum + Cranberry Juice)
Devils Handshake (33sp, DC 14, Whiskey + Tequila + Dark Rum +Limejuice + Secret Ingredient) Player must save versus death!
Fancy Marceau (3gp, DC 11, Valensian + Nimaehan Wine)
Fog Cutter (27gp, DC 12, Rum + Orange Juice + Lemon Juice + Brandy + Sherry + Gin)
Kturgian Mouthwash (1gp, DC 12, Pirate Grog + Rum + Vinegar)
Old Salt (6sp, DC 12, Pirate Grog + Rum)
Pirate’s Kiss (2gp, DC 9, Rum + Lime + Sugar)
Scurvy Scarlet (7sp, DC 12, Pirate Grog + Wine)

In my campaign (which uses 3rd edition rules), players must make a fortitude save whenever they drink alcoholic beverages, and if they fail they must roll on my custom table of hilarious random drunken effects. Also, the DC increases by 1 for each following drink. So if you keep drinking, eventually you'll fail your save. Mixed drinks tend to have higher DC's and be more expensive, due to some ingredients simply being a lot more expensive in my setting. You can also tell that drinks that have been imported from far away regions are more expensive. And yes, the Devil's Handshake can kill you if you fail your save!

Interestingly enough, a lot of these drinks include a lot of lore from my campaign, and inform the players how people in my world feel about certain ethnic groups or important characters. Black William is a notorious dead pirate captain who has two drinks named after him. Marceau is the local Marquis, who has a stigma of being fancy and expensive. Scurvy Scarlet is a female pirate with a dubious reputation (which we won't get into right now). And Kturgia is a nation that is notorious for its violent pirate attacks, and thus not very popular. So even with drinks in your campaign you can kind of tell a story.
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