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An oldie, but worth a revisit. Generate a detailed tavern - including its name, quality, size, and owner, plus varied drinks and food menus, patrons, current events, lodgings, and local rumours. A complete tavern in under 2 seconds. Click here or on the image below!


Sample output:

The Detailed Centaur Alehouse is an upper class two-story building with 2 waiting staff. It is owned and managed by Alfred Barker (jewellery-covered, nervous). A jewellery-covered dwarf gladiator is joking with a softly spoken gnome trader. A very sad gnome mason is chatting with the bartender. In front of a hearth at one end of the tavern are 2 sleeping dogs.

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Notable Patrons
Deirdre Williams, tailor, friendly
Gwingolfin Celeriel, priest, very angry
Nerdawë Cirnar, gladiator, very sad
And a pair of carpenters

A star has fallen in the nearby hills.
A star has fallen in the nearby plains.
The old Fang abbey is haunted.

Drinks Menu
Elven Legotan Wine [1sp; yellow, glowing, smells like basil]
Cold John Bitter [5sp; red, bubbly, smells like egg]
Halfling Zaragamba Rum [1sp; violet, sticky, smells like spices]

Food Menu*
Seared fried troll on a bed of gander (12sp)
Tangy boiled jellyfish (7sp)
Luscious banana, pineapple, and spinach pie (9sp)
Sweet steamed pasta (5sp)

Today's Special
Saucy grilled tree bark and cat cooked in Little Hand Beer (18sp)

4 rooms are available for 8 sp or 2 gp for three nights.

*Please note: the establishment does not vouch for the accuracy of these names.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


The image doesn't show up for me. So I have nothing to click on.

EDIT: When I refreshed my screen the image popped up. Works fine now. Thank you for sharing!


Morrus, this kind of thing happens to me a LOT on your site. I wonder if it's my computer? or browser? I'm using Safari on a Macbook Pro.


In the original post, all I see is the attached files, which has a link to the jpg. But, that link only views the jpg and doesn't bring up the generator. I have this happen some times on this site. Usually, if I come back later, the image shows up ok. Strange.


Herr Doktor
Yes, there often seems to be a delay of some kind between when a article is posted here and when I can actually see it.
It can't be a caching issue, because the pages are new. And refreshing doesn't help in my case.

All I can do is try to remember to come back and read it later.

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