[1E/2E Gamma World] Rite of Passage Solo Campaign Notes


I'm still working on my solo campaign. Lots of rough notes that need to be tidied up before I can post them here. I will be posting Malla's stats soon. In the mean time, here is the progress of the PCs so far (they took the Sleeth ferry across the Geny River in Verona). The red dots represent march turns. The yellow dots represent the end of day. The 'x' represent encounters (usually random but not always). Click to enlarge.

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Here's another Humanoid Player Character, Malla Kyn. She's the party's wheeler/dealer. Click on image for PDF link.

Like the other Player Characters, details from their backgrounds will come into play at a later date (after the Rite of Passage adventure). Only one more PC character to go (Gund Twotusk).



I've been thinking about the Sleeth lately and decided to try something different with them for this game. For this campaign, I made the Sleeth survivors from an alternate Earth who discovered this Earth during the Social Wars (see Background below). I like the idea of these peaceful but physically powerful 'lizard men' who are on a quest to find lost knowledge (in the faint hope that they rediscover their lost inter-dimensional technology).

They stand 2.5 metres tall and have reptilian features, including scales, sharp rows of teeth, and a sturdy tail. Sleeth come in many colours but green, red, yellow, brown, and blue are the most common. Most Sleeth have multiple colours (with four usually being the maximum number on a single individual). Each Sleeth has a unique pattern on their underbelly and forehead.

Sleeths can live for thousands of years before they die from old age. They are carnivores but will not eat any species that shows any signs of sentience. There are dark rumours of a secret cult of Sleeth that take pleasure in the flesh of sentient beings. Most Sleeth refute this rumour as a scaremongering myth. They raise, cultivate, and eat raw a large species of furry lizard [called Mawgrah (s.), Mawgruh (pl.)].

The Sleeth are not natives of Gamma Earth. They are from an alternate Earth (known to them as Sammanet). The Sleeth are an inter-dimensional species that have been exploring the multiverse for millennia. They have vast civilizations spanning numerous dimensions, forming a collective known as the Greater Sleeth Foundation. Those that serve the Greater Sleeth Foundation acts as guards and protectors whose job is to make sure the ability to pierce the inter-dimensional void remains a secret that only they control (for the good of the multiverse).

Several clans of Sleeth explorers had the misfortune of visiting this Earth during the time of the Social Wars. The Sleeth forces were decimated as only a tenth of their number survived. In addition to the great loss of life, they lost their access to their inter-dimensional portal equipment and the knowledge to build one. The Sleeth survivors call this time the Great Purge.

The Sleeth survivors have sworn against naked aggression (they will resort to violence for self defense only, and even then they will not kill). The Sleeth survivors have been searching the North American landscape for any evidence of their lost technology. They have created scattered enclaves that are pursuing their goals of searching for lost knowledge. Since the creation of these enclaves, the Sleeth have expanded their search for knowledge beyond just the sciences, they have added the humanities, art, music, and culture to the list of works that need to be found and properly preserved.

Sleeth have access to Tech Level III weaponry, equipment, and some non-powered armour. They are experts with force field and communications technologies.

The 'Litany':
Before each meal, the Sleeth will recite the Litany in unison, "We are the lost. We search for Sammanet. We must uphold Her sacred rites of hospitality and civility. We are all children of Sammanet. We are the lost. May Her peace and tranquility be upon you."

If asked about Sammanet, the Sleeth will give a toothy smile, a nod, and then talk in generalities. No Sleeth will speak the truth about what Sammanet is and the meaning of the Litany (it's about their Earth and the Litany is about finding their way home). The last time they revealed their true nature, their people were slaughtered by the thousands (during the Social Wars). As such, Sleeth are secretive by nature. They do not show their true feelings or affairs with non-Sleeth. They believe that these feelings are too personal to be shared with strangers.

Each Sleeth Enclave are organized as follows: at the top is the Provost, followed by two Associate Provosts, and then multiple departments based on the sciences and/or the humanities. Each Department will have a Dean, an Associate Dean, and multiple Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors. Each of the Professors (especially the Associate and Assistant Professors) may have 1d3 Graduate Students that act as retainers. In times of great emergency, the Provosts may call a Provost Council where the Provosts argue and vote on the action forward.

The Utler Sleeth Enclave:
This Sleeth Enclave was established fifty years ago in 101 N/A by Sleeth survivors of the Great Purge. The current Dean of this enclave is a Sleeth named Vekto . He has only recently acquired the position (one year ago) when his predecessor was killed by the infamous Bonapartist raiders known as the Fighting Fleus-de-lys.

That's all I have for now. I do have some NPCs in the works.

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So my solo Gamma World game is slow going (I've been busy) but I'm having fun with the setting. The main characters will be heading to the Frick Building soon (they're currently just outside of Pitz Burke). The write-up mentions light sculptures in the main lobby. That got me thinking about potential movie titles being shown as light sculptures. These titles are firmly tongue in cheek.


* 1100101 Is binary for 101. 😉



Here's is the final Player Character, Gund Twotusk. He's a mutant walrus (from a family of mutant walruses). Click on image for PDF link.

I've also used the old Central Casting book, Heroes of Tomorrow, to help fill out his background.



I will be adding two new house rules that deal with experience points.

1) An NPC's finale XP value is equal to HPs x Rank Level (Rank 0 is considered to be Rank 1 for this purpose). Thus a Rank 2 NPC with 45 HPs would be worth 90 XP.

2) I'm going to award individual XP for figuring out artefacts. The XP value of figuring out an artefact is equal to the artefact's Complexity Starting Number. So a character that figures out a laser pistol (Complexity D) would earn 10 XP.

And here's my write-up for the Party NPC "Leader" Karp. Click on image for PDF link.

I'm building Karp up as a potential villain/rival to the NPCs (for after the Rite of Passage adventure; should he survive). Karp was placed in command of this task and he keeps reminding the player characters this. Karp is an incompetent leader who is more worried about his own safety.



Note on time: When I say (for example) 6ish, I mean any time within the hour.

APRU 12, 151 N/A
Hour of the Wee Ones (6ish a.m.):
The party leaves the village of Grover on their Rite of Passage. They decide to travel southeast with their first stop at Academy.

Hour of the Arn (7ish a.m.): As the party turns onto the South Road, they encounter 5 arns (HP: 25, 20, 18, 16, 15; AC 9; DX 8) that are feeding on a pair of deceased humanoids lying in the middle of the road. The bodies are recently deceased and are covered with chew marks. They are both missing their hands that have been lopped off with a dull blade. A band of arks slaughtered these two humanoids and stripped the bodies of any goods and their hands. Under the second body is a pair of blood covered ultraviolet goggles that the Arks missed looting.

The party kill two arns and drive the rest away. Malla recognizes the the two humanoids as Tor and Kal from the village of Grover. Feyna discovered a pair of ultraviolet goggles under Tor. She shares this discovery with the party. It takes Hern a half hour to figure out how they work. The party agrees that Feyna should have the goggles (with the sole exception of Karp who wanted them for himself). While Hern was attempting to figure out the goggles, the rest of the party gave Tor and Kal proper burials.

Hour of the Dabber (9ish a.m.): The party encounter the Lil ambush. Aurit demands the party come with him to see their chieftain, Spiv the Mighty. Gund, Rahn, and Karp are initially hostile to the Lil's demands, but Hern and Salvyn (who can speak Lil) convince them otherwise. Aurit asks fellow Lil, Ooolie, if the party can be trusted and she agrees. Aurit tells the party that all will be revealed in time. They all agree and set out for the Lil Bramble. The party is blindfolded for the last two miles of the trip.

They meet with the Lil Chieftain, Spiv the Mighty. He begs the party to save his children. He offers a fully-charged laser pistol, a needler with a full power pack & an extra clip, a medi-kit (can heal 220 172 points of damage), 12 stun grenades, and a map of the area of interest. The Lils show the party how to use all of their gifts.

Hour of the Hoop (1ish p.m.): The party is escorted from the Lil Bramble and continue with their trek to Pitz Burke.

Hour of the Hisser (5ish p.m.): The party arrive at Academy. Feyna does the talking and asks the Brotherhood for shelter for the night. The Brotherhood, who are generally on good terms with Clan Cambol, grant the party their request for shelter. While at Academy, the party's needs ate attended to by Brother Forge, a Pure Strain Human member of the Brotherhood of Thought.

Hour of the Wee Ones (6ish a.m.):
The party thanks Brother Forge and the Brotherhood for their hospitality and continue onwards on their quest. They continue on the path that leads to Slippery Rock and beyond.

Hour of the Podog (2ish p.m.): The party encounters one gator (HP 28; AC 4; MS 13, DX 9) lurking in the waters of Rock Creek. The gator surprises the party as its tentacles flail towards them. Salvyn is hit and quickly paralyzed. The party fight and kill the gator. Hern learns that gators are immune to radiation eyes. It takes a full 25 minutes for Salvyn to shake off his paralyzation.

Hour of the Brutorz (4ish p.m.): The party moves off the trail and set up camp. Each member of the party take turns being on watch while the rest sleep. The party spend an early evening around a camp fire talking about their hopes and dreams. Karp makes light of Hern's affiliation towards plants and is exceptionally cruel towards Gund. Malla tells Karp to go fornicate with a parn. Rahn defuses the situation and the night passes without incident (internal or external).

Hour of the Wee Ones (6ish a.m.):
The party pack up their belongings and continues onward. They travel for eight hours through the forest. The day started cool but quickly warmed up. The noises of the surrounding forest never cease. The chattering of terls can be heard in the distant tree canopy. Rahn is uneasy while they travel through the forest because she had a bad experience with a pack of terls when she was a child.

Hour of the Hisser (5ish p.m.): The party makes camp for the night. During the night, they can hear strange flute music off in the distance towards the territory of New Arndale. Hern wants to investigate the source of the music but Karp stops him. He reminds Hern that they already have a task before them and now isn't the time to go looking for additional trouble. Hern agrees and remains at camp. The strange music would invade their dreams that night (more so for Hern).

Hour of the Wee Ones (6ish a.m.):
The party pack up their camp and continue their trek for another day.

Hour of the Podog (2ish p.m.): The party arrive at the outskirts of the ruins of Utler. They decide to make camp (off trail) and enter the deathlands in the morning.

More to come...

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Hour of the Wee Ones (6ish a.m.): The party packed up their camp and continued their trek for another day.

Hour of the Podog (2ish p.m.): The party arrived at the outskirts of the ruins of Utler. They decide to make camp (off trail) and enter the deathlands in the morning.

GM NOTE: Here is an old map of Utler I did ages ago.


Hour of the Wee Ones (6ish a.m.): The party break up camp and prepare themselves to enter the ruins of Utler. While on the periphery of Utler, the party encountered a small pack of 8 squeekers that erupt from a nearby, partially covered hole.

Feyna shoots at a squeeker with her short bow but misses. Salvyn and Rahn ready their spears for the squeekers' oncoming charge. Malla fires her needler but the shot goes wild.The squeekers live up to their name as they use their sonic blasts on the party as they close in for melee combat.

The party takes a beating from sonic blasts and tooth and claw before a squeeker is killed and two more are wounded when the pack breaks for cover and run away.

The party investigates the small hole that the squeekers emerged from. It opened to a small room filled with debris (an ancient basement apartment). On the floor is a discarded, broken piece of ancient metal (an energy mace) located in their lair under a rotting mat of musky fibres. The squeekers use these mats as scent markers for the pack, by spraying their urine on them. The smell is pugnent and stomach churning. Feyna retrieves the broken energy mace.

Hour of the Katkin (11ish a.m.): The party encounters a small group of Sleeth researchers who invite the party back to their enclave for food, rest, and discussion. Amongst the sleeth is Professor Vorma Lae, an old acquaintance/friend of Salvyn. They are happy to see each other and spend some time catching up. Vorma Lae extends the offer of a safe shelter from a normally chaotic and dangerous world. The party thanks them for the offer but they must be on their way. Salvyn waves goodbye to Vorma Lae.

The party continue on their quest to Pitz Burke. They make good time while travelling on the ancient road to Zilver. Karp informs the party of the ancestral treaty between Clan Cambol and the town of Zilver. They will be granted safe passage through Zilver so Karp tells the rest of the party that Zilver is strange in many ways so don't get involved with local affairs and don't embarrass our clan.

Hour of the Hoop (1ish p.m.): While travelling on the old road towards Zilver, the party detects an attempted badder ambush in the clearing up ahead. This band of badders are led by Captain Solfur, of House Volechewer. They are looking for trophies and loot for their tribe.

Feyna fires her laser pistol at the Badder leader (Captain Sulfor) and hits him squarely in the chest severely wounding him. Captain Solfur makes his Morale check and stumbles a bit as he fires his own laser pistol back at Feyna but misses. The Badder fire their crossbows at the party. Karp is hit twice, Salvyn, Rahn, and Gund once each.

Salvyn uses his Plant Control mutation (3 minute duration) to tangle up two of the badders who were using the nearby vegetation as cover. Malla fires her needler at a badder but misses. Karp fires his needler at the deviant Captain Solfur but misses. Rahn fires an arrow at a dabber and wounds it. The babber falls to the group paralyzed. Hern fires two separate shots from his short bow and hits two babbers. They both succumb to the arrows' poison. Gund fires an arrow at Captain Solfur and strikes him dead.

Feyna fires her laser pistol at a badder and severely wounds it. Salvyn tries to tangle up three more badders with his Control Plant mutation, but two are able to escape his grasp. Malla has moved up to melee range and wounds a badder with her long sword. Of the three remaining badders, they make a bolt for it and run. The party collect 16 gp, 3 carriage bolts (10 gp each), and a laser pistol (9 shots left). Rahn uses 10 points of healing from the medi-kit and Feyna heals 7 points from it as well.

[End of Day DM Note: The party is exposed to level 6 (3d4) Intensity background radiation. Feyna, Salvyn, Hern, Gund, and Rhan shrug off the radiation with no ill effect. Karp takes 13 hp of damage while Malla takes only 1 point of damage from it.]

More to come...



Since my last post, I've had Covid and I'm finally starting to get back into the swings of things. I am working on the latest campaign update which is close to be done. While working on that, I had this little idea pop in my head. Wild badders who worship nature with teeth and claw.


NUMBER: 3d6+3
HIT DICE: 6d6+3

LAND SPEED: 12 / 900 / 22 (drops to 12 when in non-wilderness surroundings)
BURROWING: 0 / 60 / 0

MS: 1d10+6
IN: 3d6
DX: 1d10+12
CH: 1d10+1
CN: 1d6+9
PS: 1d10+6

ATTACKS: 1 Bite (1d6 damage)
2 Claws (1d4 damage)
MUTATIONS: Empathy, Plant Control

DESCRIPTION: This clan of badders turned their backs on technology a long time ago. Led by Queen Skalm, the Riverblud clan of badders embraced their ancestral roots and switched to a life of communing with nature. They worship nature under the name of the Wyld. The Wyld is a badder nature/fertility cult. They like to capture other species and then sacrifice them to the Wyld. Wyldlings are a chaotic mob of feral badders who lust for blood and sport. As their custom, wyldlings adorn themselves in fiber armour that is covered in mud, leaves, and twigs as a sign of their devotion to the Wyld. They like to jazz up their appearances by using natural dyes to create strange colourful patterns on their armour and fur.



Here's a homebrew Gamma World species that I plan on using. The numbers in parenthesis below represent the mean average (rounded down).

Corvoids (Tricksters)
NUMBER: 2d6+2 (9)
MORALE: 1d6+3 (6)
HIT DICE: 10d6 (35 hp)

LAND SPEED: 6 / 600 / 12
AIR SPEED: 18 / 1200 / 18

MS: 1d10+8 (13)
IN: 2d6+6 (13)
DX: 3d6+3 (13)
CH: 3d6 (10)
CN: 1d12+5 (11)
PS: 1d10+5 (10)

ATTACKS: 1 Bite (1d4 damage), 2 Talons (1d4 damage each).

MUTATIONS: Heightened Balance, Illusion Generation, Mass Mind, Modified Body Parts (pair of hands at the ends of their wings), Sound Imitation.

SKILLS AND BACKGROUND: Foraging Skill and Underground/Black Market Knowledge.

DESCRIPTION: Corvoids are a species of mutated American crows that stand 1.6 metres tall and have a wingspan of 1 metre*. They have iridescent black feathers and black beaks, legs, and feet as well. They are an intelligent species who work in groups to achieve their goals. Covids never forget a wrong done to them. They have exceptional ability to remember faces.

They gather together into large family groups called Flocks. While each flock may have their own set of rules, obligations, vices, and quirks, one thing that unites them is their love for great music and practical jokes. Many Flocks remain hidden from other species as a way to better protect their families. Not all Flocks are so secretive. Two famous (or infamous as the case may be) cases of known Flocks include the travelling entertainer troupe known as Blackwing's Traveling Circus (a popular attraction for many a village) and the notorious group of bandits known as the Sundown Gang (who terrorize all those they encounter). The gamut of these two flocks run from the mischievous, yet benign, (Blackwing's Traveling Circus) to brutal, chaotic violence (Sundown Gang).

Corvids can be found in all types of clothing ranging from the bland to the extravagant. With that said, the Corvids of Blackwing's Traveling Circus like to dress in colourful clothing and have a preference for long flowing scarfs and wraps. The most common type of armour worn by most Corvids are scavenged pieces of plastic armour fashioned into a breastplate (AC is one point worse than standard plastic armour, AC 3 becomes AC 4). They are generally armed with Tech Level II equipment and weapons with the preferred weapon being either a musket or slug throwing pistol(s). There is a 10% chance of each Corvid having a Tech Level III weapon.

* Canadian (British) spelling.


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