D&D 5E 2 new Forgotten Realms novels coming in 2023!

This doesn't even include the next Drizzt novel. Both are honor Among Thieves prequels. One at least is written by an experience FR novelist. I look forward to it.

Hopefully it's just the beginning.

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Here is E.K. Johnson bio, she's a trained archeologist, and she's wrote a whole bunch of novels, most set in fantasy/sci fi versions of Canada, along with her own version of 1000 nights and Sleeping Beauty (called spindle), and later a whole pile of Star Wars novels linked to Asoka (whose getting her own TV show on Disney+). Druid's Call will be her first D&D novel and it follows the Tiefling Druid's (from Honor Among Thieves) origin story. I look forward to it.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

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