D&D 5E Is the Forgotten Realms experiencing a new Golden Age now that its NOT the default 5e setting anymore?

Honor Among Thieves (possible sequel coming), Baldur's Gate 3 (possible DLC expansion), Drizzt in Dragonhiers: Silent Gods, both 2023 and 2024 have a whole bunch of Forgotten Realms novels and comic books (the return of the D&D novel line is huge).

Perhaps the biggest sign of all is FINALLY a new map of Faerun with a pile of actually information on it, such as the fact that Akanul is still there yeah!

But it's also clear FR is no longer the default setting, so it seems like it's finally broken the Default setting curse (being default setting was bad for Greyhawk in 3e, it was bad for Nentir Vale in 4e as well never got a proper setting book).

I don't think that is an accident.

Also the runour years ago that a return visit to a setting book years ago from Ray Winninger.

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The default location of the Rock of Braal was Realmspace with the Spelljammer prequel adventure firmly set there, and every adventure in Radiant Citadel was given a suggested location on Toril.
There are as many suggestions for Greyhawk or Mystarra in Radiant Citadel as there are for Faerun, and LoX is not really tied into the FR at all though it will work as well as anywhere else as the base.

2021 also only had Candlekeep Mysteries, which has almost no really strong FR connections beyond a couple of surface level bits.

Forgotten Realms has never been the default Setting in 5E, frankly, just a frequent example.


Bold statement.
It's true, though. And you can find quotes from the D&D design tram going back a decade saying thst, which is backed up by how the game has been run. For instance, Volo's Guide to Monsters eschews Realmslore for more generic D&D and Greyhawk versions of things.

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