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28 New Community Resources For Your D&D 5E Game!

Welcome to the latest edition of my D&D fan creation compilation, where I scour the web so you don't have to. And then get mean emails from people whose stuff I didn't see. Anyway, this time I have a 40-page adventure, a new fanzine, random mundane treasure, a way for rogues to be James Bond, and a whole new take on alignments. Enjoy!

  • There's a new D&D fanzine called Homebrew. Or Houserule, depending who you ask. It's 20 pages, and free.
  • Prison for Dragons is an adventure for 12th level adventurers. It's a free 40-page PDF. It has some world-specific info in it, but should be convertable.
  • The World of Farland has a bunch of new stuff: The evil assassin Bolg-Gatha has been converted to 5E; new art of Bolg-Gatha; the adventure "What Lurks Within" has been converted to 5E; the map of Eruna, the Sutherlands has been redone.
  • Harbinger of Doom has five new spells for clerics.
  • The Kensai is a new martial archetype from Jaron Mortimer.
  • Mark Craddock's specialty priests continue with Beshaba, Shar,
  • Regular EN5ider writer James Introcaso talks about downtime at the table.
  • The Cold Domain for clerics comes from DerekSTheRed.
  • This generator creates characters for D&D 5E. It's a javascrpt thing which you have to download.
  • Want 50 random mundane items to spice up your treasure hoard?
  • Tribality looks at 5 Shakespeare plays perfect for D&D.
  • Here's a whole new take on alignments from Julia V'Tar. Forget lawful good - adopt diplomatic isolationist instead!
  • Psionics? Check this out from steeldragons.
  • The Visare are a new race. And O Holy Knight is a new fighter archetype.
  • JameTheLion has created the Ruffian, a new rogue archetype.
  • Dark Sun fans will enjoy these converted wild talents from Kinneus.
  • Barbarians looking to worship ancestors will find Redthistle's Path of the Ancestral Shaman useful.
  • The Tactician is a fighter archetype.
  • Rogues looking to go 007 will enjoy the Spy.
  • Recent content from En5ider (patrons only) includes:
    • Don't Wake Dretchlor. A forgotten mansion. A sadistic demon. A deadly game of cat-and-mouse. Can the heroes outwit the demon and escape the mansion, or will they fall prey to Dretchlor's evil machinations? An adventure for characters of 5th-7th level by Kiel Chienier; illustrated by Rick Hershey and Sexualtyranosarus.
    • King & Country II. By popular demand - the sequel to King & Country, Mark Hart's introduction to nationalities as backgrounds! You asked us for it, so we obliged! Here are four new fantasy realms for use as backgrounds - the Confederacy of Feuding Houses, the Lost Civilization, the Regime of the Dark Overlord, and the Savage Land. By Mark Hart; illustrated by N.C. Wyeth.
    • Get Sick: Six New Diseases. Bottle fever, demonic plague, itching insides, ooze decay, aberrant touch, and walking rot. What do these all have in common? They're all new diseases for your game - some mundane, and some supernatural. Not only that, this article contains guidelines for creating your own diseases! By James Introcaso.
    • Those Who Crawl. Dungeon crawls are the oldest and one of the most common gameplay scenarios. Kiel Chenier brings you five tips and tricks to help make those dungeon crawls more exciting and run that bit more smoothly. From tone, to tracking time, these five tips will make your life that little bit easier! Illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
    • Volumes of Forgotten Lore: Arcane. From veteran author Ari Marmell (Drow of the Underdark, Tome of Magic, The Goblin Corps, Thief's Covenant) comes this look at new player options for the bard, sorcerer, and wizard. The Bardic College of Names, the Dread sorcerous origin, and the Shadowcaller tradition for the wizard make up this first chapter of forgotten lore.
Russ Morrissey



The quick Character Generator is really good! 8D

I only wish there were real Character Generators that lets you build the complete Character instead of randomizing them.


The quick Character Generator is really good! 8D

I only wish there were real Character Generators that lets you build the complete Character instead of randomizing them.
excel based - forgedanvil on enworld, use it, love it.


Steeliest of the dragons
Hey WOW! Something I did made the list?!

Thanks a million, Morrus! Very flattered.

Would love to hear what any-/everyone thinks.


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