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D&D 2E 2E Darksun Observations

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First thing would be; seeing the psionic powers that 2e psionic monsters have (athasian, from other settings that fit in athas and creatures like mind flayers and the such), the unique ones not in the books with psionic powers, and make them into powers for the psionicist or some similar analogues.


on the delicate matter of scanners-style exploding heads
Ravenloft has the Psionic Virus (found in Ravenloft Appendix III (2153))

Once the headaches have reached eight hours in duration, the victim must make a Madness Check each day. When they reach 10 hours, the victim must make a daily saving throw vs. death magic. Success means the character's brain continues to handle the psionic energies, while failure indicates his brain explodes from the massive psionic pressures. A cumulative -2 penalty is applied to both of these rolls for each day after the first.

Yeah Dark Sun is not for the faint-hearted (DM and/or players!)
Back in the day I ran it pretty much by-the-book (the original set), using the Complete Psionics Handbook, Will and the Way, and Dragon Kings.
I did use level limits, but with the optional rule in the DMG to double XP requirements after the level limit was hit; it worked well.

Later I ran it with D&D 3.0 and the Psionics Handbook; it was crazy fun.

4e Dark Sun was nice, but the survival rules in 4e are pretty much pointless, so the only real danger comes from the sun itself.

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