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Will you be posting the stats for this cosmic parasite after the game is over?
I might in some form. I'm doing everything I can right now to not drop any hints about it here because I know at least two of my players read this very forum.

Is this inspired by the Ring from Stephen Baxter's Xeelee series? IIRC that was a giant gateway made of cosmic string that was an escape-hatch from the universe.
Of course. I've mentioned in other threads that I was using that concept myself; this is how it was being used. The idea is essentially that the Reality-tearing power of the Ring is being focused carefully onto the very spot where the Ritual of Opening is taking place, giving it the extra "kick" it needs to succeed. The Ring in my game is actually a lot smaller than the one in the Baxter books, but it still impressed the hell out of the players when I described it to them. It's an artifact and home created by/for the Sidereal of their universe, whom they know by the name Eternity.

Yes, I read Marvel comics too.

Clearly there's a lot of house rules involved, as normally divine rank 24 is Elder One, starting Siderealhood. Also IIRC Ascension says that 999+ HD is reserved for Time Lords+. Will we get to see these house rules after the game has been concluded? I for one would be very interested.
As I've stated numerous times elsewhere, I have two full tiers of godhood between Greater God and the first Sidereal level; also, we sort of jiggled the Ascension rules to allow for divine ranks between the standard set levels of the IH (so for example, Demigods can have 5 or 6 DR, Lessers can have 7 or 8, etc.). And of course, my minimum HD requirements for a given divine tier are much higher than UK's- something like 4 times higher in most cases. Greater Deities have to have at least 400 hit dice to even reach Greater Deity in my cosmos, see, and the two tiers above that start at 600 (for Elder) and 800 (for Incarnation). Elder Deity runs from DR 25-36, and Incarnation from 37-48.

(How many HD does a full sidereal have in your game? How about *shudder* an Eternal?)
I've never released full data to my players regarding those, but there's little reason not to give a few details here since the game is soon ending and they'd already figured a lot of stuff out based on what I did tell them. Full Sidereals start at 1000 HD, and have both 49 or more Divine Ranks and a special thing called a "Kosmic Rank," which would effectively work out using IH rules as a further 6-DR boost. The HD requirements become prodigious as you get higher, such that an actual First One (with the proper title First One, that is, as opposed to "Relational" and "Fundamental" which are right next to it) has at least 20,000 hit dice. Relationals, First Ones, and Fundamentals are also locked at 120 DR, the hard cap for that statistic, but run from 11 to 25 KR (with First Ones, being in the middle, going from 16-20 KR).

Actual Eternals, starting at Demiurge Stage I, begin at 40,000 HD, 120 DR, 26 or more KR, and 1 or more TR ("Transcendental Rank"). Time Lords have 100,000 HD, 120 DR, the hard cap of 50 KR, and 4-6 TR. Each "universe" you stack on after that adds 100,000 HD and up to 3 more TR (so a Duad has 200K hit dice and 7-9 TR, a Triad has 300K HD and 10-12 TR, etc.).

I've never actually made stats for a being above the First One range using this system but it'd be pretty ridiculous. Even a low-medium-range Sidereal (say, a 3-KR example, which would under my system have 3000+ HD and 73-84 DR) would likely be capable of curb-stomping any deity foolish enough to challenge it directly.

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Hey paradox42 mate! :)

Sounds suitably epic. I wish you the best of luck and after its over can't wait to hear all about it. :cool:

Have you given any thought as to what you'll do after the campaign is over?


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Game Over.

So, last night was the proverbial It. The cosmic parasite was in fact a very-slightly-modified (in that I gave it an ability boost from its "base" values equal to 1 per 4 HD, and also started it assuming it "rolled" 18 for all six scores) Firmament Dragon Wyrmling with x4 hit dice, to make it a better challenge for my setting (given that deities typically have at least 4x the HD which would be considered "standard" for the IH). I didn't go to the trouble of finishing absolutely every detail, but I hit all the important stuff, particularly how it spent its feats. Since it is in fact a Nehaschimic Dragon of sorts, I'll put it below.

Other details of the final game will go in a different thread, when and if I post them.

Egg Occupant
Macro-Medium Dragon (Extraplanar)

2433d1000 + 311,424 (2,744,424 hit points)
Init: +341 (plus Perfect Initiative: always goes first)
Speed: Fly Superluminal (Perfect)
AC: 2419 (-512 size, +205 Dex, +156 Deflection, +64 Divine, +64 Insight, +2432 natural), Touch -13, Flat-Footed 2214 (Sixth Sense: never surprised)
BAB/Grapple: +2433/+2656
Attack: melee +2104, Bite 355 (Perfect Weapon Specialization: 30d10+55), 6 Wings (Improved Rapidstrike: +3 iterative attacks each) 177 (Perfect Weapon Specialization: 15d10+27), Tail 15d10+82
Space/Reach: 6665 ft./4445 ft. (6666 feet long at birth)
Special Attacks: Breath Weapon (6% of target's full hit point total as Permanent damage, plus Age 152 years, plus 608,000 XP damage, plus 60,800 QP damage): save DC 1482, Caster Level 1344th, Mind Warp (creatures within 2 miles must make Will saves or go Insane as the spell): save DC 1510
Special Qualities: Spell Resistance/Power Resistance: 2571, Damage Reduction 2500/extrauniversal, Extradimensional (gain +1 Virtual Size Category per round), Absorb Fire, Immune to Sonic, Reflect Cold, Immune to non-Epic magic, Immune to Epic magic of the Conjuration, Enchantment, Illusion, Necromantic, and Transmutation schools
Saves: Fort +1478, Ref +1551, Will +1506
Abilities: STR 120, DEX 420, CON 266, INT 322, WIS 322, CHA 322
Skills: Maven + Omnicompetent: all skills +2564 plus ability modifier

Transcendental Abilities: Cosmic Inspiration (set to Thelemic Damage Reduction at start of combat), Cosmic Nescience, Evil Eye, Transmortality
Cosmic Abilities: Abrogate, Alter Reality, Cosmic Consciousness, Divine Nescience, Dominance, Exclusivity, Inner Eye, Nullify, Slipstream, Specular
Divine Abilities: Anyfeat (set to Improved Toughness at start of combat, not reflected in hit point total above), Eternal Freedom, Malaclypse, Mime Ability, Mime Ability Score, Nescience, Perfect Initiative, Perfect Weapon Specialization (Bite), Perfect Weapon Specialization (Wing), Regeneration, Seventh Sense, Uncanny Whirlwind Attack
Feats: Adroit Flyby Attack (Draconomicon), Combat Expertise, Dire Charge, Dodge, Epic Dodge, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic Will, Extend Spreading Breath (Draconomicon), Great Cleave, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Multiattack, Improved Rapidstrike (Wings) (Draconomicon), Power Attack, Quicken Breath (Draconomicon), Shape Breath (Draconomicon), Sixth Sense (IH Ascension), Spellcasting Harrier, Split Breath (Draconomicon), Superior Initiative

That's pretty much it, one can figure out its potential actions from the above. For the record, the PCs kept up with it as it grew and ran away from them at light speed (several of them have Cosmic Consciousness, so getting away at the speed of light wasn't enough to let it "hide" from them and they just kept teleporting to keep up), and managed to smash once its Thelemic DR wasn't protecting it anymore. The breath weapon damage upset them a bit, but hilariously the dragon managed to damage itself by breathing on a PC who had Specular so they got appropriate revenge. The way we play Specular is that the one who gets damage reflected back is allowed a Fortitude save to take only half instead; the save DC for the dragon's ability was 1472 at start of combat. So the big PC with the million-hit-point Bite was able to get over that pretty easily and did the necessary to finish it off. Of course, they didn't kill it and knew they couldn't as soon as their Psychometry told them it had Transmortality, but they did force it out of their Reality back into the Eternal Realm and that was good enough (since the ultimate goal was just to get rid of it, not necessarily to kill it).


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Says the black hole dragon needs antimatter weapons to pierce its DR. How would such weapons work?
For my purposes, they're just weapons made of a special material. Antimatter is nothing special, in physics; it's just matter that happens to have certain properties reversed from the normal sort. The fact that it annihilates that matter when it comes in contact with it is just a consequence of its nature. So, take some antimatter and make a weapon out of it, and you can pierce the Singularity Dragon's DR with that weapon.


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Honestly I have no idea why UK had Antimatter [Effect] work the way it does; it makes little to no sense from a physics perspective. :) The amount of antimatter striking a target determines how much of the target annihilates; a smaller target doesn't cause less antimatter to be there destroying it.

Hiya paradox42 mate! :)

paradox42 said:
Honestly I have no idea why UK had Antimatter [Effect] work the way it does; it makes little to no sense from a physics perspective. :) The amount of antimatter striking a target determines how much of the target annihilates; a smaller target doesn't cause less antimatter to be there destroying it.

I was trying to come up with a mechanic that meant the attack simply wasn't doing more damage.

I'm thinking along the lines of turning parts of yourself into anti-matter and using that against the enemy. Basically exepending your hp for extra damage.

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