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4E 4E Deities and WotBS

Is there a "canon" correspondence between the deities in the 4E rulebooks and those mentioned in the War of the Burning Sky materials?


Staff member
There's no "official" correlation - it's deliberately left vague so that DMs have the flexibility to fit the campaign saga into their own worlds and campaigns.


Here's my version:

Ragesian Philosophers (God of Knowledge): Ioun
Ragesian Hospitalers (God of Healing): Pelor
Ragesian Savages (Goddess of Strength): Artemis
Ragesian Druids (Goddess of Pilgrimages): Avandra
Ragesian Priests (Goddess of Death): Raven Queen
Dasseni Dwarves (God of Ancestors): Moradin
Ostaliner Mercenary Chaplain (God of Battle): Kord
Seaquen Locals (God of Seas): Melora
Sindairese Exiles (God of Sorcery): Corellon

This is the list of arguing priests in Shelter (#3).

The only other religious aspect is of course the Order of the Aquiline Cross. I took quite a few liberties with the Order. If any of my players are reading this, they should stop... :)

Well, I decided that all the above Gods (and any others I might introduce later on) are actually all just "faces" of a single, forgotten god. This ancient God at one time battled the primordials (possibly the mythical creatures referred to in the Player Guide, the eagle, krakken, etc) and was defeated. Since he is God, obviously he was not truly destroyed. Forced to rule from the heavens as a number of different facets, his material remains were scattered across the lands. It was the eternal mission of the Order of the Aquiline Cross to find and safeguard these artifacts. However, when the Order was destroyed, then restarted, the mission was twisted to one of healing (originally one of the Order's domains, but not their primary mission) and their original purpose was forgotten. The PC's will recieve one intelligent item each throughout the course of the campaign, each being a piece of the True God's remains (sword, staff, armor, cloak, amulet). The Aquiline Heart is the True God's actual heart.

To bring this back around, the Order of the Aquiline Cross has churches and such, but they publicly support all the gods, even the ones that do not align with their mission of healing. If the PCs visit Order churches that were around during the previous incarnation, they are significantly different from the ones built recently and contain hints of the Order's original purpose.