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D&D 4E 4E Pantheon Poll

Do you think Meepo should make the jump to 4E as a kobold deity?

  • Yes!! Meepo is lord of all he surveys! Make him a god!!

    Votes: 39 25.7%
  • I don't think Meepo should be a god. . . but he should be ruler of a kobold kingdom!

    Votes: 76 50.0%
  • I'm lame and don't know who Meepo is!

    Votes: 18 11.8%
  • I'm confused and don't know where I am!

    Votes: 19 12.5%

  • Total voters

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M.L. Martin

Robert Ranting said:
*ahem* Isn't Vecna a necromancer as well as iconic and mentioned already in the Design and Development articles?

Also, Meepo should remain an iconic D&D character, rather than a deity.

Vecna's been mentioned, yes, but I'm not convinced he works better as a deity rather than an archvillain. But then, most of what I know of Vecna comes from his stint in Ravenloft, where his divine rank was pretty much an irrelevancy.


First Post
exile said:
Playing Lachlain Kerr, a LE human fighter and avowed monster hunter with a mother who died too early in his life and a father who loved him too little, I killed Meepo and mad made a pair of gloves from that little dragon that he loved so much.

He should stay dead.


Heh, and when I DM'd it, I had a tragic surprise waiting for the party upon their exit. You know that gnome you can rescue? Poor feller didn't ever make it out. Slipped and fell just before he reached the top of the rope out, he did. The party found his lifeless, broken corpse at the bottom of the chasm.


First Post
I'd like good kobolds to follow Bahamut, evil ones to follow Tiamat, hobgoblins to follow Bane, goblins to follow some rogue-god and Bugbears to follow Gruumsh.

I also would like to see Gruumsh have a less "HAAAARGH!" aspect, so human barbarians could worship him a la Crom. In this aspect, he wouldn't be eeeeevil, but uncaring.


I'm okay with kobolds, but Meepo has had his run. I never much liked him in the first place, and part of his (limited) charm was his lowly position and grand designs. Elevating him to a dragonlord (as in D&D minis) was ludicrous enough, but a god? ...replacing good ol' Kurtulmak? Never.


First Post
Meepo: Great iconic kobold or greatest iconic kobold?

I could care less about Meepo, but this thread just reminded me of how much I miss The Colbert Report!

Darn writers' strike. :(

Lord Zack

Well, we've already got two Kobold deities, Kurtulmak and Pun-Pun. And also having Meepo reappear as a BBEG in a Return to the Sunless Citadel module would be too cool to pass up.


First Post
Ahhh, the nostalgia. Reading through this thread just reminded me of how I (Lachlain Kerr) actually did poor Meepo in. Drowned him in a cauldron of boiling water, I did.


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