4e Skill Challenge playtest

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First Post
I really like Graf's idea of unlocking Easy checks. That is sharp.

I'm not sure how it would play out in this skill challenge, since it's so free form and variable, but what if you had to hit a Medium or Hard check in a skill before you could use it for an Easy check? I'm thinking more of the Duke negotiation challenge from the preview.

Benefits to playing already!



Here is the backstory, and some stuff to get the situation right in my head. DM-only!

· Setting: Bel Tungin, a small fortified village on the borderlands, once an burial ground for the important dead of the Bael Turath empire. Beneath the village lies the "old city", the old ruins, where good men do not go.

· Characters:
  • Tira the Warlock
    · Troubled. Wants acceptance.
  • Erias the Sunlord
    · Zealot. Wants to convert the townspeople to Aumaunator
  • Skamos the Wizard
    · Seeker of lost knowledge. Wants... lost knowledge?
  • Kathra the Fighter
    · Sheildmaiden. Wants respect.
  • Borden, the Village Elder
    · Border Ranger. Wants to protect his town.
  • Shalmanisar, shapechanger
    · Antagonist. Old enemy of the group - chased here by the PCs for the betrayal and murder of their companions. Wants to use the relic stolen in the Lost Tomb of Mardokh to bind an ancient evil demon to serve him.

· Conflict: The PCs want to kill Shalmanisar.[/sblock]

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