D&D 5E 5e and Modern/Future Settings


This is a fairly straightforward question, so I do not think it requires much explanation on my part: Should it be a priority that the structure of 5e be conducive to playing games set in technologically advanced eras? Another way to put it might be: Do you think it would be desirable if the rules of 5e were designed to be compatible with publishing a book of " modern " and/or " future " options under the D&D brand name, rather than reprinting the rules as if it were a different game entirely?

I mean, it suddenly occurs to me, after having written this, that if 5e is truly supposed to be an edition to satisfy all generations, it must be able to model Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and whatever might go along with it. Or the lost Earthling in the Forgotten Realms.

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Unfortunately, I don't see any evidence that they want to expand on the rules at all; they certainly didn't support Gamma World for very long, even though it's very highly regarded. I do rather hope that they return to supporting other styles of play with updated d20 rules.


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I really hope that such compatibility really is a part of the game. D20 Modern really suffered because it was forced to be an incompatible product line. What is more, overly limiting D&D to a particular view of fantasy that excludes even the possibility of modern or futuristic elements is not ideal. There should always be room for lost, ancient super-tech civilizations, if you ask me. :)

Hopefully, if 5E can really pull off being as modular and flexible as the WotC guys have been promising it will be, then we will see such compatibility. I hope we do.

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If the next edition manages to become as modular as Wizards wants it to be, it is likely that it won't be a concern. Having extra modules for modern/future skills, equipment, and the like should easily be possible then.

If the modularity thing doesn't quite work out, then modern/future play and crossover probably still will be a relatively easy fit that making it a priority would likely be counter-productive. You'll lose some easy compatibility, but you should be able to make it work either way. If it were my call, I'd say that at most it should be a side project to see if it works easily, and make sure D&D works first.


The problem is that WOTC under Hasbro does not seem capable of supporting all its product lines fully. Big companies often won't bother with stuff unless it makes them big piles of money.

I'd rather see them fully support D&D as D&D rather than going with other spinoffs

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