D&D 5E 5E: Bringing Groups Back Together?


I don't know about anyone else, but the main group I was a part of when 4E came out essentially disbanded because of 4E -- or, more specifically, because the rift between players on 4E. That rift helped feed some of the typical gamer-drama groups go through, exacerbating it to the point where are annual mini-con stopped happening.

It occurs to me: if 5E does what it is intended to do in a broader sense, bringing the D&D community back together, I wonder if it can do the same thing on a smaller scale, bring a broken and scattered group back together.

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Honestly, I think those kinds of individual differences will remain. I don't think it's a trivial divide.

At least from my perspective, if someone looked at 4e and didn't immediately reject it, that person was almost certainly not going to be happy with my heavily houseruled 3.X game, and the style underlying it. None of my group had any interest in it, but there were individuals that we considered joining up with who went their separate way because of edition preferences.

Everything I've heard secondhand about 4e players and online in places like this (I'll admit I've never met one in person) suggests to me that they're playing a very different game for a very different reason than I am (and I'm positing myself as a stand-in for the 3.X community as a whole). Even if we were using the same rules, our styles would still be different.

And frankly, I run my game my way, as most people do. Life's too short to spend trying to please everyone, so I such focus on my people and my game. Would a 4e player be welcome at my table? Only if that person accepted my rule system and my setting and my style, the same bar I'd set for any new member.

The Human Target

A game cannot be all things to all people at the same time.

You'll probably all get together with 5E and big dreams, until you realize different people want different dials turned different ways.

And then the Rift goes on.


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When 4e was talked about it really brought up a lot of problems with 3.5 that everyone hated. That 4e had a different take on addressing these things upset a lot of folk, and i just don't know how that gets mended. 4e went far left ouf ot the park.

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I don't think it will. What I am reading here shows me that there is a wide variety of taste when it comes to playing the game and a new edition is not going to change that.

My hope is that the new edition will be able to support the variety in gaming taste so while we may not be playing together we are buying the same books.

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