[5E] Favorite Multi-Class Combinations & the Stories with them


Hello all, first major post on the page whilst I rip my hair out over getting my profile picture sorted out!

Anywho! Multi-Classing! I love it and I know a bunch of other people do to.

So I was interested, what are your favorite combinations when it comes to Multi-Classings?
For me it would be Bard + Cleric, which I am currently playing with a group of buddies.

Why do I go with this combo? One reason, to become ultra support healer. You want the heals? I got ya brah! A +2 on your Healing Word and any other healing spells you cast? I call that a bonus!

Every little helps in the quest to keep people alive!

Feel free to post your combo's and stories down below :)


Lover of things you hate
Knowledge Cleric 1/Wizard X. You trade slightly slower spell advancement for a bunch of useful spells, armor and shield proficiency, and you make your smart wizard even better at knowing things. Both mechanically strong AND narratively coherent.

Warlock/Sorcerer. Obviously known for its powergaming potential as a Warlock 2-3/Sorcerer X, but i really like this combo even with a 50-50 split in levels. The basic concept of "Born with magical power, and bargained for more" works in a lot of different concepts, and you can really add some tension to the character by choosing a patron and an origin that don't play nicely together. (Like Fiend Patron/Divine Soul (good) Sorcerer).
Barbarian / Rogue - Tanky due to rage damage resistance. Sticky due to high damage OA's powered by sneak attack. It's the only melee build I've found that is mechanically capable of fulfilling the defender style role without feats.

Paladin 2 / Hexblade 1 / College of Whispers Bard X - Full caster progression with enough melee damage to wreck face. Essentially rogue scaling + full caster progression for divine smite + Booming Blade = solid damage.

Life Cleric 1 / Divine Soul X - Healing gets a bad wrap, but that's because people haven't seen this guy in action. He gets the tools to heal nearly 50% of a *typical* fighter's hp in a single round using his highest level spell slot throughout his whole career. Couple that with the potential to twin spell cure wounds or later Heal and you are looking at the best healer imaginable.