D&D General 5E is the best version of D&D.


Relax folks, claiming that "apples are the best!" is not an attack against oranges and grapes. Nobody is going to force-feed you strawberries, and nobody is insulting pineapples. Saying "apples are the best!" is just another way of saying "I like apples!"

Before you get your blood up, remember that "best" can mean almost anything: most fun, most enjoyable, best memories, most affordable, most available, prettiest artwork, strangest illustration of a beholder, etc. Claiming that apples are the best isn't a scientific measurement or legal judgment.


With all that said, I disagree.

The BECMI/RC edition is the best version of D&D. I could ramble on, picking fights and challenging people to change their (or my) mind, but meh. It's the one I enjoy playing the most, it's the one that I have the fondest memories of, it's the one that I own the most books for, and it's the most affordable version thanks to the availability of electronic files and print-on-demand services. So BECM is the best version of D&D because it's my favorite, and it's weird to try to convince me otherwise.

Pass the oranges.

It's fine to say apples are best, that's not the issue. It's that apples are the best and pineapples are stupid. 🤷‍♂️

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Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
Edit: I was trying to joke about people having stupid opinions, but I can see how this looks like an editions war thing. My bad.

I've been tinkering with house rules lately and while it's made 5E it more palatable, I've realized I've been thinking about it all wrong.

I loved AD&D. It adds an edge to it. You have to use your brain and think around things instead of completely relying on the roll of the dice.

But where is the fun in that? What if I don't think to search the desk specifically? That's what a Perception Roll is FOR.

Describe what my character does or says? I can just roll the appropriate skill. Easy! Talk about taking away any stress. Plus what if I am answering a text?

Combat? Death sucks. AD&D you had to cart the dead guy back to a temple and pay for a Raise. Or maybe do a quest. Now I just drop a diamond that I can pick up at any corner store in Faerun and one Revivify later we are good to go.

Not to mention Ailments and loss of HP. Used to have say stuff like "We rest for 3 days." or "We rest for a week." Now it's an 8 hour nap on the dungeon floor and we are 100% fighting fit. Talk about saving time. Or just take a power nap and get back some HP and abilities. Amazing!

Plus thanks to all the extra attacks and damage and HP and multiple saves etc I can power through almost any combat. Worry about Fireball placement? Nah I got an ability that warps it around my pals. Rogue about to drop? I can cast a basic heal spell from 30 feet away! And I have Advantage! Remember when Trolls and Mummys were scary? My Fire based cantrip sure doesn't.

In these modern times, we don't have the time or will to play a 6 month long campaign. Thankfully WotC has made a plethora (Jefe, what is a plethora?) of quick one and done adventures that don't get bogged down with a lot of lore. Go in heist the dragon and get out. Earn a level every 5 pages. It's like D&D sized for those of us with not a lot of time and/or ADHD. Heck, I've been running a 5E adventure for about 2 months now and I'm already ready to move on.

Seriously, 5E is great. Don't really have to pay attention. Don't even really have to show up every session to gain a level/xp. It's like FF13, just walk down the path and hit auto battle until a cut scene. Thank you WotC!

By the by, I am selling my AD&D stuff if anyone is interested. Also my Shadowdark and other OSR stuff. That stuff is just to hard to deal with.

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How much do you want for your AD&D and OSR stuff? I've been looking into getting into Shadowdark. 😉


Overall it's the best imho. A couple of hypothetical editions could beat it imho. For me anyway.

B/X and 2E hybrid ascending AC. Basic skill system or even 5Es.

5E and 3E hybrid. Micrograms, bot more gritty, better engine. Curate the spell list a lit eg cut all the broken ones.

So I miss sone aspects of okder D&D entire edition not so much.

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