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5E 5e lvl 5 Wizard...what spells do you suggest?


I'm playing a lvl 5 wizard currently in our local D&D 5e game and loving it. I am an Evocation specialist and have access to a ton of spells. In the interest of making sure I do not overlook some really good alternative spells I wanted to ask you all what spells do you recommend at this level? Which ones seems to stand out?

Also, which spells have ritual versions I can pick up to not have to use a slot for them?

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I switched over to Hypnotic Pattern when I got 3rd level spells. Targets get a save, but I've found those that fail often have a higher HP total than I would have taken out with Sleep. Your results may vary, of course.


First Post
Don't bother with sleep anymore. Creature HP scale much faster than your extra dice for upcasting. H Pattern is a good AoE control spell.


Dragon Lord
sleep is still good as a no save option to finish a powerful creature faster. I like to keep it as an "Oh crap" button in a tight fight.

Suggestion is a nice spell as well because they only get one save. It is dependent on language which can be a problem, but a lot of things speak common. Hypnotic Pattern is definitely good too.

For evocation take Fireball and Scorching Ray.


Steeliest of the dragons
5th level Evoker Wilzard: 4 Cantrips Known. 4 1st, 3 2nd, 2 3rd.

Cantrips known: the obviously always handy: Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation & Ray of Frost (evocation).

(* = possible as ritual)
First level: Burning Hands (evocation & Sculpt Spell very useful here), Comprehend Languages*, Detect Magic*, Magic Missile (obvious evocation), Protection from Good/Evil, Shield, Tenser's Floating Disc*, Thunderwave.
Second Level: Darkness (evocation), Knock, Arcane Lock, Melf's Acid Arrow, Scorching Ray, Web
Third Level: Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Protection from Energy.

There is a distinct lack of spells that are usable as rituals. Most of the ones I was assuming as givens aren't available, by the book.

Falling Icicle

For 1st level, you'll almost always want to take shield and mage armor (unless you're a mountain dwarf or can otherwise wear armor). Absorb elements is also a life saver. I don't recommend sleep past level 5. You're better off just casting magic missile at that point. Thunderwave is a great "get off me!" spell, just beware the very loud noise it makes. Disguise self is great if you want to be sneaky. Feather fall is a must if you want to fly.

For 2nd level, I always recommend misty step. Scorching ray is also a good choice for an evoker. Blindness/deafness is a pretty mean debuff that doesn't require concentration. Some other great spells are enlarge/reduce, hold person, invisibility, levitate, and mirror image.

For 3rd level, counterspell is fantastic. Fireball and lightning bolt are obviously good choices for an evoker. Hypnotic pattern is very powerful. Haste will make the fighter types love you. Fly is also a great choice - just make sure you always have feather fall prepared!

These are the level 1-3 wizard ritual spells:
1st: alarm, comprehend languages, detect magic, find familiar, illusory script, identify, Tenser's floating disk, unseen servant
2nd: gentle repose, magic mouth, skywrite
3rd: feign death, Leomund's tiny hut, phantom steed, water breathing

Cyan Wisp

What happens to cantrips at lvl 5? I seem to have forgotten and cannot seem to locate it in the PHB.
It's under each cantrip entry in the spell descriptions. 5th level boosts damaging cantrips by another die, e.g. ray of frost is now 2d8 instead of 1d8. 11th and 17th are the other boosts. No need for PHB: use the Basic Rules

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