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D&D 5E 5E: My 'Split'/Captain Chaos build needs some help

My 'Split'/Captain Chaos (for Children of the 80s) build needs some help. (D&D 5th)

My DM has given me permission to bring in a 3rd level character (Human or Halfling) with split personality disorder. His classes in both personalities will be different but use the same attributes, like a decent multi-class. I don't care if he's optimized. We don't care at our table.

So, I'm thinking the Everyday Persona will be a kind, low key sorcerer. But his split will be a Bard who think he's a Drow but isn't. Like a megalomaniacal, Evil Elvis.

My question is what do any of you think is a good subclass for each Sorcerer and Bard? I just want this guy to be as entertaining as possible (to the other players).

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