5E [5E] [OOC/Full] JM's A Bit of Trouble

I was debating what Surina would do—an leaning toward approving out of anger, when the others intervened.

Also FYI: I am at a work conference through Tuesday (yes, we meet over the weekend, too). The hours are long and it will be emotionally exhausting, so I may not be able to post again until Wednesday.


I don't think that I've got much to add to the rest - might RP the journey a bit.

I don't imagine that there is a wolf saddle available in the camp?


No, there is not a wolf saddle in the camp.

Anyone else? If not, I'll put you on the road out of camp. Marching order could be useful.


It is outdoors on what are essentially plains, there is plenty of space to walk side by side.

So you have:
Swithun and Surina

And Perin, Br. Pelegon, and Drake left to place.

Perin: make an Animal Handling check.
Everett: have you copied any spells into your spellbook?


I thought he needed 24-hours, not 8.

In any case, it was noon. you definitely took a long rest (or you take rests in shifts, whatever). So now it's 8pm. Not going to head toward the swamp at 8pm. So you camp in the camp overnight and leave in the morning. I guess that means Perin has time to rest and perform the 8 hour ritual before dawn the next day. I also assume you leave at dawn. So, I will post in the IC how the party departs the camp and heads for the lizardfolk in the swamp. The swamp is 3-4 days away at least (I think, I have to check my own maps).


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Pelegon will stay close to the rear, such as just before Everett. But I'm happy to switch places; he's a monk so there's no place he would be totally a wrong fit.


So it's summer so I know it's sometimes hard to post. Please sound off that you are around or planning to not be around or whatever. I'll be advancing the story tomorrow sometime to where you are without scouting distance of the next location of interest.