[5E] [OOC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Recruiting 2-3 PCs)


So as wildly underpowered as it would be, I've tilted toward a forest gnome warlock rather than a half-elf.

Comes from the Groaning Forest. Was never as clever as her fellow gnomes (flat 10 int after racial adjustments), so she made a pact with some fey entity in the forest to try and gain powers that way. Was not literally cast out, but it only led to further social ostracization, so she gave up and left to seek her fortune, and a sense of belonging, elsewhere. Port town like Bit seemed as good a place as any to start anew.


I did, and it has me rethinking my entire character, because I'm digging the city of Ys.

I'll figure it out by the end of the weekend.


I thought so, but the ranger often seems to be an exception, so I thought I'd ask. I'll still play him either way.
As long as you are going Beast Conclave, I approve the alternate Ranger class found in UA_RevisedRanger.PDF. (I haven't really read the other conclaves so that's why the caveat for the Beast Conclave.)

Okay, so we have
  • a Male Wolf-riding Ranger Halfling (TallIan)
  • A Female Forest Gnome Fey-Warlock (SunGold)
  • A Conjurer of unknown race (Thateos)
  • A Dwarf Barbarian (eayess33)
  • A Human something (Chairwoman Gene)
Half martial, half arcane. CWG can break the deadlock or go an entirely different direction. :)

That's 5 so let's start seeing some character sheets.

Charwoman Gene

Currently torn between "Ox" a great beefy mountain of a man who has a tremendous reputation for bravery and goodness(defender style human fighter poss cavalier), and Valeris, teller of tales and righter of wrongs(half-elf bard probably swords)


From a party point of view, I think Valeris would be more useful. Ox offers some redundancy with the barbarian and ranger (even if he is DEX based).

As always, though, play what interests you, the party can make either work.

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As long as you are going Beast Conclave, I approve the alternate Ranger class found in UA_RevisedRanger.PDF. (I haven't really read the other conclaves so that's why the caveat for the Beast Conclave.)
Coolio, I haven't looked that closely at the other conclaves either. I don't think they dropped the ball quite so hard with the PHB versions.

Hopefully the game lasts long enough for it to make a difference.

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May I inquire the nature of the conflict that brings us together?
Well, you are supposed to already know one another. The nature of the story's beginning: Well, this is a kind of sandbox. There are several plots that I party can stumble over and depending on how you react to them you might obliterate them early or ignore them long enough to make them very difficult to overcome later. Odds are high the first adventure will involve missing "important" villagers. But that's not set in stone.

And I'll be weaving the PC backgrounds into these plots or adding additional plots based on the backgrounds.

Or I'm biting off too much and I'll stop logging in to cover up my shame. :)


Provisional Character Sheet
[sblock=Basic Information]
Name: Veit Ironfist
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Age: 100
Class: Barbarian
BackGround: Urban Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance: Tall for a dwarf Veit stands 5 feet even and weighs 170 lbs. With an angular face and narrow, for a dwarf shoulders Veit is normally seen wearing black traveling clothes and a black hooded cloak.
AC 15
HP 14/14
SPD 25
Initiative +2
Maul 5ft melee+5 to hit 2d6+3 bludgeoning
Handaxe 5ft melee or 20/60 ranged +5 to hit 1d6 +3 slashing
Javelin range 30/120 +5 to hit 1d6+3 piercing
STR 16 (+3), DEX 14 (+2), CON 16 (+3), INT 10 (0), WIS 12 (+1),CHA 10 (0)
AC 15 (unarmored defense)
HP 14
SPD 25
HD 1d12
Initiative +2
ST: Strength +5, Constitution +5

Athletics +2, Animal Handling +1, Arcana +0, Athletics +3, Deception +0, History +0, Insight +3, Intimidation +0, Investigation +0, Medicine+1, Nature +1, Perception +3, Performance +0, Persuasion +0, Religion +0, Sleight of Hand +2, Stealth +4, Survival +3
Proficiencies: light armor, medium armor, shields, simple weapons, martial weapons, brewer’s tools, thieves tools, dice.
Languages: Comon, Dwarvish
[sblock=Equipment]: Maul, 3 javelins, 2 hand axes, backpack, a crowbar, a hammer, 10 pitons, 10 torches, a tinderbox, 10 days of rations, 2 waterskin, 50 feet of hempen rope, travelers clothes, bed roll, tent and pouch containing 35 GP 33 SP
Darkvision. Can see in dim light within 60ft as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.
Dwarven Resilience. You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage.
Stonecunning. Whenever you make an Intelligence(History) check related to the orgin of stonework, you are considered proficient in the History skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.
Rage. 2 per long rest, +2 damage on strength attacks, advantage on strength checks and strength ST. Resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
Unarmored Defense 10 +Dex modifier + Constitution modifier. Can also use shield.
Ear to the Ground. You are in frequent contact with people in the segment of society that your chosen quarries move through. These people might be associated with the criminal underworld, the rough-and-tumble folk of the streets, or members of high society. This connection comes in the form of a contact in any city you visit, a person who provides information about the people and places of the local area.
[sblock=Character Personality]
Personality: Generally amiable Veit reaches out to those around him and tries to makes friends. He is quick to talk at length about almost any issues with the exception of his early years. He is quick to trust people and is at times overly confident in his abilities.
Personality Traits: I don’t pay attention to the risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds.
The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it.
Ideals: Redemption. There’s a spark of good in everyone.
Bond: I’m guilty of a terrible crime. I hope I can redeem myself for it.
Flaw: Now that I’ve returned to the world, I enjoy its delights a little too much.
Born to the respectful Ironfist family in the Kaur Mountains Veit spent most of his early life wanting something more than a life undergrounds. In his early thirties Veit and a few of this friends were involved with a criminal sceme that went bad. While there was no evidence that Veit was directly involve and he was never tried his reputation in the community suffered and he left to find a different path.
Veit spent the next fifty years of his life exploring the Groaning Forest and Swamp of Torment examining his life and the choices he had made. In his time in self imposed exile Veit rededicated himself to the rule of law and to helping the less fortunate.
Around the age of eighty Veit rejoined society and established himself as a respected person in Bit, working as an urban bounty hunter. From time to time Veit travels to Cade-Crable and other larger towns to search for higher paying jobs. Veit specializes in hunting down violent offenders and does not accept jobs that require him to track down the poor for stealing food or other such crimes of survival.


Charwoman Gene

He eayres33; Is your character the type that might have rescued an urchin from her life on the streets and gotten her on a somewhat straight and narrow track? If not, how about catching a criminal and convincing her to repent her larcenous ways?


He eayres33; Is your character the type that might have rescued an urchin from her life on the streets and gotten her on a somewhat straight and narrow track? If not, how about catching a criminal and convincing her to repent her larcenous ways?
I could see Veit doing either. The second fits him a little better, as he is serving justice and then serving good, but rescuing an urchin and setting them on the straight and narrow definitely works.


Perin Wolfrunner, Ranger

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
AC: 14
Initiative: +3
HP: 12

Rapier: +5 5ft 1d8+3
Crossbow: +5 80/320 1d8+3
Lightfoot Halfling
Increase DEX by 2 and CHA by 1
Size: Small Speed: 25
Lucky: When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die
Brave. Vou have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.
Halfling Nimbleness. Vou can move through the space of any creature that is of a size larger than yours.
Languages: Common; Halfling
Naturally stealthy: You can attempt to hide even when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you.

Folk Hero:
Skills: Animal Handling; Survival
Artisans Tools, Vehicles (Land)
Rustic Hospitality: You can find a place to rest, hide or recuperate among the common folk unless you have proved to be a danger to them. They will shield you from the law or someone looking for you, but will not risk their lives for you.

Ranger (Level 1)
HD: d10
Armour, Light and Medium armour, shields
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons; Martial weapons
Saves: STR, DEX
Skills: Nature; Animal Handling; Perception
Favoured enemy: (Humanoids); +2 weapon damage; advantage to track and recall information; gain 1 language (goblin)
Natural Explorer: Ignore difficult terrain; advantage on initiative rolls; on first turn of combat you have advantage vs creatures that have not yet acted. When traveling for an hour or more; difficult terrain doesn't slow your group; you can't get lost; remain alert to danger while engaged in another activity; move stealthily at normal pace while traveling alone; find twice as much food from foraging; while tracking you learn how many, the size and how long ago they passed.

Background: Folk Hero

[SBLOCK=Abilities and saves]
STR*: 10 (+0/+2)
DEX*: 16 (+3/+5)
CON: 15 (+2/+2)
INT: 10 (+0/+0)
WIS: 15 (+2/+2)
CHA: 9 (-1/-1)

Profciency bonus: +2

Rapier: +5 5ft 1d8+3
Crossbow: +5 80/320 1d8+3

Athletics: +0

Acrobatics: 3
Sleight of Hand: 3
*Stealth: 5

Arcana: +0
History: +0
Investigation: +0
*Nature: +2
Religion: +0

*Animal Handling: +4
Insight: +2
Medicine: +2
*Perception: +4
*Survival: +4

Deception: -1
Intimidation: -1
Performance: -1
Persuasion: -1

Passive Perception: 12[/SBLOCK]
[SBLOCK=Equipment and Spells]
Leather Armour
L. Crossbow
Bolts (40)
Explorers Pack (Backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations,
a waterskin. 50 feet hempen rope.

0 3 0 5 0
[SBLOCK=personality and background]
Personality: Perin’s young life as a slave has left him dour and quite. His isolated life in the wilderness hasn’t helped and he doesn’t open up easily about his past. He does talk easily, if bluntly about current events though.

Personality: I judge people by their actions, not their words.
Ideal: People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Bond: I have a family, but l have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.
Flaw: I have trouble trusting in my allies.

Perin was captured by hob-goblins in a raid on his home when he was very young. Perin was given the task of feeding the wolves by his captors who fully expected him to be part of the meal. But Perin showed an affinity with animals that kept him safe.

Once they realised that Perin actually cared for the creatures they took great delight in forcing him to kill the runts from each litter born. Perin managed to spirit away one runt pup and keep it safe, feeding it from his own meagre rations until it grew too big to hide in camp.

Perin smuggled his wolf pup out of camp, intent on setting him free, until it occurred to him that if he was out of camp he could escape. He wondered aimlessly through the wilderness for a few days before coming across a dwarf named Viet who directed Perin back to civilization.

Perin never fully integrated back into society, preferring the solitude of the wilderness and the company of his wolf Amarok. He did make good use of his time in captivity though, using what he learnt of hobgoblins, Perin has spent the last two decades tracking the creatures and alerting local farmsteads and villages of imminent raids. Earning himself a bit of a reputation.

Amarok grew up and formed his own pack and has long since passed away, but Perin still sees Amarok’s legacy patrolling the Groaning Forest.[/SBLOCK]
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Alright, I stuck with the gnome. Writing her story now, and I'm wondering if you have any canon fey entities for her patron (especially one that might pop up in the Groaning Forest), or if I should just make that stuff up.