5e rule set for Call of Cthulhu

I've been playing a bit more D&D 5e recently, after playing 3.5 for most of my life. I was wondering if there is a good book/ruleset for Call of Cthulhu style campaigns, but with 5e rules?

What I'm looking for, is something that plays just like D&D 5e, but has suitable classes for Cthulhu, stats for firearms, rules for modern vehicles, and stats for Lovecraftian monsters compatible with 5e, and of course sanity rules.

Could someone recommend me a system?

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To be clear, Sandy's game is your stereotypical D&D fantasy with Cthulhu elements added in. It's not 1920s investigation and horror a la Call of Cthulhu using the D&D game system.

There was a d20 Call of Cthulhu game put out a few years back. It'll be closer, but it's not 5E.

Between those two you could likely hack something together. If/when the new Modern d20 game releases that would be close as a starting point.


I have Monte Cook’s d20 Call of Cthulhu and it is an excellent take on the game with 3E rules. Surprising still available: Call of Cthulhu RPG
d20 Call of Cthulhu was an excellent product. It was a great adaptation of a classic game to the d20 system, and it provided GMs new to Cthulhu with some good ideas on how to run a campaign through different eras.

So it seems I really want to wait for a proper 5e Modern then. Because I don't want the D&D classes, I want the various investigator roles that were in D20 Cthulhu, but adapted to 5e, or something similar.

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