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I don't understand the appeal of Lockwood. His art is well done, I suppose, but generic, like so much of wotc dnd. Any favorite pieces that Lockwood fans would like to share?
Generic or Iconic? Am I confusing him with someone else or did he not do a lot of the art in the last big dragon book in 3e?


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Any favorite pieces that Lockwood fans would like to share?
I posted some in a thread a couple years ago: D&D 3E/3.5 - 3E and the Feel of D&D

To those, I would add the cover to D&D 3.0's Song and Silence:

And the cover to D&D 3.5's Draconomicon:


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Jeff Easley 22
Larry Elmore 19+1 = 20
Tyler Jacobson 16
David S. LaForce 14-2 = 12
Todd Lockwood 15

Jeff Easley 20
Larry Elmore 21-2= 19
Tyler Jacobson 15
David S. LaForce 12+1= 13
Todd Lockwood 15

And just like that The Old Crow and I go from being allies in the war for Erol Otus to enemies in skirmish for Larry Elmore and my old nemesis Legatus Legionis is now on my side. :p ;)


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Though I think David LaForce might be doing better if he had been listed as David "Diesel" LaForce (as I didn't know, or had forgotten, that they are the same person).

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