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D&D General 5E Survivor - D&D Artists


Jeff Easley 20
Larry Elmore 17
Tyler Jacobson 12
David S. LaForce 1 - 2 = -1 (I respect his work a great deal, but we're dealing with top of the top here)
Todd Lockwood 11 + 1 = 12

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Tough choices here at the end. I would have been pretty much OK if any of the Top 10 won, and now it is Top 4 and even closer that way.

My first D&D set was Red Box Basic with Elmore art on the cover, but Easley cover AD&D books soon followed. Lockwood's dragons and early 3E art was there when I got back into the game after a break, and Jacobson is front and centre with the core 3 for 5E.

Nostalgia and all that.

Cheers :)

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