D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 1: Forgotten Realms) Selune Advances!


Auril, goddess of winter
Azuth, god of wizards
Bane, god of tyranny
Beshaba, goddess of misfortune
Bhaal, god of murder
Chauntea, goddess of agriculture
Cyric, god of lies
Deneir, god of writing
Eldath, goddess of peace
Gond, god of craft
Helm, god of protection
Ilmater, god of endurance
Kelemvor, god of the dead
Lathander, god of birth and renewal
Leira, goddess of illusion
Llira, goddess of joy
Loki, god of chaos
Lovitar, goddess of pain
Malar, god of the hunt
Mask, god of thieves
Mielikki, goddess of forests
Milil, god of poetry and song
Myrkul, god of death
Mystra, goddess of magic
Oghma, god of knowledge
Savras, god of divination and fate
Selune, goddess of the moon
Shar, goddess of darkness and loss
Silvanus, god of wild nature
Sune, goddess of love and beauty
Talona, goddess of disease and poison
Talos, god of storms
Tempus, god of war
Torm, god of courage and self-sacrifice
Tymora, goddess of good fortune
Tyr, god of justice
Umberlee, goddess of the sea
Waukeen, goddess of trade
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Limit Break Dancing
The choice is clear.





Limit Break Dancing
The +1 to Mielikki is all well and good, but it looks like you tried to split your downvote (instead of -2 on Tyr, you put a -1 on each of Selune and Tyr). Can't do that!

So which will it be, @darjr ? -2 to Selune, or -2 to Tyr?

(I'm with you on the Loki sentiment, though...just a four-letter word for "overrated".)


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
I find it disturbing how happy I am that Selune won.

Round Two will be interesting. I have fond, but very vague, memories of Greyhawk. It still influences how I spell grey (I'm American and have to keep correcting myself in more formal writing). I don't remember the Greyhawk Pantheon. I'll need to read over the PDF I have of the original Greyhawk setting materials.

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