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5E 5e Warlock Patron: Jotun

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Hey, this sounds fun!

Unfortunately, I'm not about to follow a link and download a thing, from a poster with very little history. Nothing on you, just general internet caution.

If you could include it as an attachment or something, that would be rad


Heretic of The Seventh Circle

Overall I like it. Some parts are probably a bit overpowered, though.

Slowing Ice is just strictly better than the similar EB Invocation from UA. I'd bring it down to just slowing by 10ft.

Wintry Might is too strong, IMO. Needs to be either/or. Especially in the same subclass as frozen body. A Bladelock choosing this is just better than other bladelocks.

I think it would be rad if you switched in Frostbite for the bonus cantrip, and the Invocation boosts.

I'd also suggest looking at higher level ice and storm spells, and making some Invocations that grant access, 1/day, without using a spell slot. Stuff like Investiture of Ice

Again, overall I like it. Just needs a little balance tweaking.

Zargo Games

First Post
Thanks for the feedback!

My friends also said that Wintry Might was too strong, so I should probably make it either/or.

I chose ray of frost as the bonus cantrip because before I came up with the patron I came up with the idea for Slowing Ice eldritch invocation before realizing that ray of frost wasn't a warlock cantrip. Frostbite is already a warlock cantrip, so I decided to add an additional spell over giving them one they could already learn. I haven't kept up with the UA that much, so it might be similar to one that already exists. Is the one you're talking about from the Warlock UA or from another one?

I like your idea for more higher-level Invocations, I might look into that!

Halloween Horror For 5E