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D&D 5E 5e's name dropped (as in mentioned) classes


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I am trying to update some people in my playgroup about info for 5e as it comes out. One of the things I posted for them was this lists of classes that have been name dropped specifically: Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Warlock, Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Psion, Monk, Assassin, Paladin, Ranger, and Warlord.

Am I missing any? If so could you provide a link? If not where is my Rogue/Thief?!
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When I read this thread title, I thought that 5E had named which classes it was dropping from the game.

Any chance you can edit this title to "name-dropped" classes?


They said that any class that has been in a PHB1 in any edition are in the PHB. So Sorcerer is also in.
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I know that the Rogue is implied/included in the list of classes with the Players Handbook I equivalent. When you think about it that could include Dwarf and Elf too.

What I am looking for are classes that have been mentioned by name.


I'm pretty sure that at the moment, the designers have a basic draft of most classes in their notebooks. After all, you need to make sure your core mechanics can support everything from fighter to psion, and you need to write each class in a way that will stand on its own.

However, that doesn't mean all of these classes will be available from the release of the first book. For example, I'm pretty sure that there were writeups for 4E Druid and Bard when the PHB was written, but still they were only released a year later.

At the seminars, both a Cleric (1E style, mace, armor, shield) and a Priest (2E splatbook style, robe, spell list tied to deity) were mentioned. You can be sure that they won't be in the 5E PHB as separate classes.

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