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5E 5th edition role playing advice Aasimar Lathander life cleric

Aemon Crane

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Could use some advice on roleplaying my flaw without going overboard. He is an aasimar noble background life cleric of lathander. I do have a back story. His bonds are the common folk love me for my kindness. It is my duty to protect and care for people beneath me. Nothing is more important than my family. He's a pretty good guy, neutral good alignment. His flaw is he secretly does think he is better than everyone. I was going with the whole I'm celestial and a chosen of Lathander etc. But could use advice on little ways to show he is secretly thinking he's better than others.

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Aemon Crane

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  My great great grandfather Orin Crane  was favored of Lathander. He was a member of the Order of Aster. He helped defeat a great evil and the king of that time rewarded him and his progeny with a minor holding and title. The particulars of Orin's involvement in destroying this evil is not widely known outside the church of the Lathander or the Kings own historians. Orin eventually retired and focused his energy into his House Crane vineyard. Some would say his vineyard was blessed by Lythander but the Crane family knows better, it's the result of hard work and perseverance.
  Early one morning at sunrise I awoke from a dream I could only vaguely recall. The dream seemed to be of my great-great grandfather praying at a hidden alcove in this very room. I knew of no such room  but as I arose I was drawn to the east wall. As I placed my hands on the wall a secret door opened and revealed a small altar to Lythander. On the altar was a medallion I did not recognize. As I picked up the medallion it glowed with an intense rosy radiance and I heard these words. " Young Crane, once again I have great need of your family's unique lineage. Take up your great grandfather's mantle and follow your true path."


When the time comes to make decisions on what to do, state your idea first, as if you think this settles the question, and act a little surprised if anyone disagrees. You can still allow yourself to be persuaded to go along with someone else's plan, for the sake of party harmony, but be sure to state that you still think your idea is better or would be more pleasing to Lathander.

(Oh, and mention to the group OOC that you're doing this in-character to display your character's flaw, so it won't put their backs up.)



News flash: Pretty much everybody in the entire world thinks this way...if they want to admit it or not. ;)

But, to 'show it' in an RPG, Jay's advice is spot on. You could also just outright do stuff without asking everyone else, then if/when they get upset, appologise for it saying "I thought everyone would [do that]", or "Oh, uh, sorry? I mean, really, why wouldn't you want to do it this way? It makes no sense to do it any other way...but ok. I guess we can change it if you really want to...". (re: read a lot of folks posts on RPG forums about their opinions on the Stealth/Hide rules if you need inspiration... ;) ).


Paul L. Ming

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