D&D 5E 97Drizzt Novel: Lolth's Warrior (Spoilers)

Spoiler warning in this the thread title.

I think this is the best novel Salvatore has written in a long time, but despite ending the trilogy, and the Drow civil war for now, I think the follow out will truly be covered in the next trilogy.

This novel felt like it has influence from BG3 or Solasta, because the way the cleric army fought just so remembered me of how a group of 5e clerics would fight compared to Lolth clerics in his novels do.

Also the ending has many of the Udadrow heretics going to Baldur's Gate, setting up an explanation for the Lolthian Drow presence in BG3.

I did not expect Eilistraee cleric & Paladin to play such a huge role the novel give how historically RA Salvatore made it clear he preferred to ignore her in the past.

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