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A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

Play as vigilantes, criminals or Gotham City cops in the official Batman tabletop RPG! French publisher Monolith Edition has announced Batman Gotham City Chronicles: The Role Playing Game, to be powered by the d20 System. The company already produces the boardgame of the same name, which they successful Kickstarted for nearly $4.5M last year.


It's not clear whether by "D20 System" they mean the d20 System (from the early 2000s) or if the game will be powered by the 5E ruleset; I'm guessing the latter. The announcement below does refer to it as a "fully adapted D20 System Rulebook". The game will be coming to Kickstarter, though the date has not yet been revealed.


"Gotham City. This city can do things to people. Change them. I've seen it happen too many times. That's why I'm here. I've seen too many people become monsters."
- Batman - Gotham Knights #23 - Here Be Monsters

Let’s celebrate Batman Day by releasing exclusive news from Gotham City!

Monolith’s roleplaying game set in the Universe of the Caped Crusader allows you to dive into this imposing city in depth, defending Gotham as a vigilante or a police officer.

Remaining true to the essence of Batman, as portrayed in the comic books, was our overriding vision. It’s allowed him to survive 80 years as a Pop Icon, living through multiple media and platform transformations.

So, with that goal firmly in our minds we have assembled a team of Batman Universe Masters and roleplaying games Masters to bring you 5 Batastic books.
  • Gotham’s Heroes by François Verstraete - A fully adapted D20 System Rulebook -
  • Gotham City Guide by Xavier Fournier and Alex Nikolavitch, helped by François Hercouët, editor for the French publisher of DC Comics. A mighty reference tome, detailed and exhaustive, an insight into the City and the world of the Bat.
  • Gotham’s Chronicles by Nicolas Texier, Olivier Caïra and Mahyar Shakeri – A book of scenarios to test your resolve.
  • And, in order to provide the broadest roleplay experience possible, the remaining 2 books will be Campaign settings revealed during the Kickstarter campaign.

You can play as the city's well-known vigilantes and criminals, but also your own creations, or face the tough calls and grind as a Gotham City Police Department officer, who have much to be pitied for in a city like Gotham City.

It is an ambitious project and we’re looking forward to telling you more about it. International artists will be illustrating the books and here’s some teaser sketches for Gotham’s Map by Olivier Sanfilippo as well as rough sketches by Anthony Jean. Stunning!



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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Well, that was fun
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I don't run supers games, but every time I've polled for a Star Wars game I'm facing five players who want to be Jedi.
Did they all want to play Luke Skywalker specifically? The equivalent to ‘everybody wants to be Batman’ isn’t ‘everybody wants to be a Jedi’ it’s ‘everybody wants to be Luke’. Jedi is just a category like superhero or wizard.

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Did they all want to play Luke Skywalker specifically? The equivalent to ‘everybody wants to be Batman’ isn’t ‘everybody wants to be a Jedi’ it’s ‘everybody wants to be Luke’. Jedi is just a category like superhero or wizard.

It varied. The issue has come up numerous times over the last 35 years.

I mean.....even if the plethora of non-powered street vigilantes in the DCU was not enough to satisfy these demanding players, then you could always lean into their concept.....

Who knows? You may actually end up with an all time great campaign.

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