D&D 5E A Campaign "Houserule" Idea - Armor Proficiency is based on the armor "donner" not wearer.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I've fought in heavy armor back in the day in the SCA. While adjusting it is important, there's a lot more to that than wearing it effectively. Knowing how to take a blow on it, how you can move and not-move in it, etc. This would break my verisimilitude.

Looking at it strictly from a mechanical point of view, I can't see a party not having a heavy armor proficient character, so everyone will be able to wear it if enough exists. This makes DEX a bit less important, which is a good thing. Assuming PCs build around that (and since they grew up in that world so it is in character for them to do so) that's a lot more competition for magical heavy armor.

It dilutes the differences between the classes, and takes something special given to only a few classes and gives it to everyone, weakening them relative to the other classes.

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Yeah, as think about this more, it becomes a worse and worse idea.

If this was allowed to work this way, why doesn't the Wizard just hand the Fighter his spellbook? The Fighter can read, can't he? He'd just need to read the directions on what to say, wiggle fingers and what components to hold.


Rotten DM
People proficient in armour know better than to do jumping jacks in chain mail without a cup. People who just wear what they are given don't.


I don't like it. Use an armor means that you can deal with the weight and you can move and stand up from a prone position and so on. This rule is just a way to have more wizards in armor. Not a good choice for me.

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