A Game of Thrones: Brought to you by Metal School

Hey all. With the recent GoT mini series on HBO and all the discussions both pro and con I thought there should be at least one unifying thing about it. Here is a version of the GoT Theme song with a decidedly heavier feel (and one that should probably be used as the actual theme. :) )

And no, that isn't me, I just found this. So go ahead and crank the volume REAL loud and click the link, the headmaster demands it! Go on kiddies, rock your rolls off!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC-ZmlwBWKM"]A Game of Thrones Theme: Heavy Metal version[/ame]

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That is brilliant!!!

Considering I have to wait until July for showcase to show it here in Oz, this IS going to be the theme song for me.

Best Regards
Herremann the Wise

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