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True to a point that one of the most frustrating points of RP and one that everyone wants to win at, and in this making it fun or so they think, hehe winning is not everything ya know, is fighting. LOL i love this stuff, studied for years at it in the IRL and made many in the IsRp die, also lost over 35 characters in the last few years.. to fun to fun so lets get down to it

It is a good guide but its is again just that, a guide, the basics should not be thrown out the window, but places in the back of your mind to mull over. In all when you fight with another character, you should have atleast watches a few battles with them in it to figure out there style and how they like to play, Pm them and talk it over and come to an understanding. Half the arguments of old players and seasoned RPs is the lack of realism in fighting the new chars or the god moders.

But!! may i ask you a question, how the hell can they figth each other over and over with the godly ways and have so much damn fun. Ill tell ya, they have an understanding and are there just to have fun, no rules no stats, or maybe there are. But that is the point communication and the lack of ability to conform to others ways of fighting. This turns into irritation sour thoughts and 'ignoring' of others. Yes i understand this is an extreme, but it is an on going problem with fighting narrations and RP events. I just just some food for thought.

When it comes down to it, there are many things in combat that can make your Rp even better and more realistic, and at the same time give room for outlandishly fun stuff and a space to enter some of them unbelieveably powerful moves so many wish to wield.

Attacking is the simplest form to start this, beginners jump in head first swinging the sword or thrusting madly with super precise skill.. Its all to fun really... ok ok.. basics as Thar put it.

Leading into the fray, so many times a character wields one sword, usually coming in slashing at the foe or stabbing, most of the time charging in. Alright, sometimes its not so good to charge on the first strike, especially against a character that weilds two weapons, or two swords. The point that they can parry, and move out of the way with one sword and attack with the other leaves a charging character little other options then getting hurt :(.. When attacking first, it would be more realistic to test out with a strike, mostly a quick half hearted attack to test out the opponite reflexes.
I so do enjoy the collapsing strikes a loose armed thrust that comes to the mid chest, with a small step forward keeping the foe at the full range of the weapon.. The collapsing strike would be the parry of the weapon, letting the weapon slide away with to much ease and like punching, strike out with the hilt or cross guard of the weapon, if not so heavy or slow moving, and for the pesky twin weapon weilders, you can also use the cross guard of the sword to block.

Something good to know, some weapons are longer, and heavier then others, and some weapons are made for specific things, so it might be a good idea to understand the range of a full blade compared to a short sword or twin weilded daggers, then again its also good to understand the speed comparision and the difference in damage that each inflict. (not counting a sneak attack to a vital area. But then again being hit with a full blade might be an equivalent. )

Sorry i seem to be full of thoughts that fly from my head, ill try to follow some order here.. Lets do this by weapons shall we?
(Fundimentals, not actually examples of use, i wont go through all, just the ones mostly used on ISRP)

Swords, long and above: Long swords are slashing and piercing, to long to handle upclose against shorter weapons unless usually specificly trained, though it is free forum. ^_^

When i say close i mean close, like in confined area's or against small creatures that almost have to share the same area with you when fighting hand to hand. With a long sword try never to block any of the heavier blades, especially with one hand, and setting yourself, or bracing for the impact, the handles are not long enough to allow you to brace and put the proper amount of levrage. Hell its easier to just move out of the way taking a glancing blow or something. Or if you are strong enough due to what ever, that does not mean your body weighs enough to take the strike and would probably get pushed or 'blasted' back.. well something should happen, i would think. Larger swords are used mostly for chopping down larger enemies, i mean yes, the power that is used to swing is not something you want to get in the way of, but such large swords were best suited to taking out warriors on horses ( IIRC ) and such things, as they were never very functional in close quarters or against lighter weapons. Unless you are a large creature yourself.. And remember kids, magic can make the heaviest weapon light, but that does not make it any less akward.

Axes, hatchets, blah!:
Love these things, great for hard hitting power. I enjoy small axes ( Tamahawk, hatchets etc.) as they are a circular moving weapon, always having a good feel with a rotation. slipping in and out and able to grab at weapons or body parts with its design.. hooking at things Large Axes are again slow and usually two handed that gives it power but restricts movement unless you enjoy a large over swing that allows others to take advantage it that mighty swing misses. But again with massive amounts of training and good Player knowledge the large axe can be used very nicely though i will leave that to the misteries of ISRP

Daggers: Daggers are very used it seems, they are great for throwing at a moments notice, thought they do not do so much damage. Great for finessing, though i just can not see to many blocking alot with them, unless they are very strong and very well pracitced, though as i see it, with daggers its more body movement the blade, ability to move around the oppinite to get a good stirke in rather then pushing through their deffense and over powering them. Also they are great as hidden weapons, perfect for sneakly throwing them out at opponites when they are ingaged with other weapons you have if you are a single weapon user.

Attacking unarmed to Armed:
well this is hard to narrate, an ability to move around a weapon sneaking in to strike at the body, so let me offer something, stop going for the body, why not attack the arm or the leg that extends. Also you unarmed fighters, when someone swing a weapon in a slash step in quckly and take the inside of the swinging arm or the hand guard or hand as they strike, your unarmed hand are faster then their sword wielding arm, not to mention there is more of a motion to ready when they prepare to swing.


Dave the sword fighter hold a long sword, he then moves forward to his opponite and attempts a slash at the opponets chest (horazontaly)

John the monk moves forward quickly, to get inside the reach of the sword, as he puts out a hand to strike at Daves forarm as he swings it hoping to stop the swing..

Also same thing with thrusting, would be a good idea to sidestep and parry in on movement if the weapon is short enough, otherwise for a long sword ya still have to get in abit close, for you monks i would definatly look into buying some bracers to protect the forarms and to parry and stop weapons..

Now the monk's body is their weapon. As John stopped the strike of the sword from dave, he could have brought up his knee to extend a helpful heel kick to Dave's leg letting him fall to the ground at the same time. Then extending a palm strike or fist to the body or face, and if you like the arm, because charlie horse make it so it is hard to use an arm, you cant use your arm, can't swing that sword, or should not. undead company excluded.

Armed fighting unarmed, i have always found that when fighting an unarmed monk smaller, lighter weapons are better, something that matches the speed of the monks body and attacks. Try to use small short strikes, and be willing to attack any unarmed attack directly. you dont want your weapons and hands getting to close and missing, for the monk will tangle you up in his flurry finding you at a lose to counter or defend. Let him strike out at you, and stike at his limbs in the joints or soft areas.


John the monk move quickly forward as he extends his fist to Dave the fighters chest. As a simultaneous attack (combo) as he moved forward, he brought his knee up again, and tried to extend a short heel kick to Dave's knee

Dave the now weilding two daggers, figher, takes a small step back trying to move away from the fist strike as he strikes out with his right dagger to the joint of the elbow. The small step back leave little for Johns short kick to strike, Dave oblivious to the danger. :p

A fighter ( any fighter, any character.. any person. ) can not possibly see every attack coming, not to mention, when something is extened to your upper chest of face area it takes up alot of visual and can hide other attacks, try that some time, put your hand 6 inches from there face just under their chin and let them tell you how much you see, and then think about a combat situation where everything is moving so fast and you have no time to think.

Ok back to trains of thought Choo Choo!

Armed combat and the types of stikes.

Sundering: A crushing strike to the weak point of a weapon, the flat of the sword blade, maybe the shaft of an Axe, do not expect to sunder with a dagger, unless using the pommel, or so i would think.. understand that on the sword edge or Axe edge that is the strongest point made to take a strike. But.. the flats of these weapons as well as a shaft of a weapon will prove much weaker. Metals like adimantine ignore hardness of weapons, not to mention magical weapons are considered much stronger then mundane (normal) weapons. Also note, i believe a hammer anything like that would be no no to try and block with a sword or armor.. i think you all know why. Just get out of the way.

There are weapons made to break other weapons, i am not so sure of all of them, and i know little about these weapons, so your guess on what they would look like, other then a hammer/mace, what they are. Though understand, you can set weapons up to break, full platemail armor, locking a blade between your side and your arm, and using your weapon or gauntlet, or as a monk bare hand to strike at the flat of the weapon or shaft, at the base to, break it.

Slashing: a slash can just be a small pull of the weapon across the form of a foe, or a wide ark. It can be done from many angles. It is more a brute force of trying to cut a foe down or maybe even keeping them at bay.. But a good attack no less. Just a basic strike. Some weapons you can do little else but slashing, an Axe or something similar, or a bastard sword and great swords, heavy weapons that take a good strenght, another reason not to get infront of these swings, and trying to block them might only jar you arm or body making a hand or arm go numb from the impact and vibration.

Thrusting/stabbing: Range only depends on your weapon, you can give a short Jab with a dagger or lung in with a short spear, and everything inbtween.. i would not ask you to lunge in, so many do, they do not understand that in a lunge you would be unable to vere off to the side or adjust if your attack misses leaving you open to a counter as you come along side the awaiting foe. Long swords are also good for thrusting and stabbing, though this attack at some points can be easly deflected, it allows you to test your opponite, not to mention, when the stab is parried, that opens up a whole other area of attacks.. be we do not have to go into that right now, i urge you to do small experiments to figure out how an attack would work rather then following movies and anime style tactics.

Slice: This to me is made more for curves weapons that would flense the skin and cut into rather then hack off, more finessable weapons used for percision, then you basic hack and slash, moving your weapons around your foe in usually very circular attack pulling the blade across the area targeted, that all seem to flow together in one long motions. Understand you do not need alot of strenght to use this kind of attack.. nore alot of room, so small weapons would be prefered in an off hand and great for a counter against your opponites attacking limbs

Ranged weapons:

Blow guns & mouth darts: if you can spit you can use these, though alittle practice needed, usually harmless, the best way to make these effective is by making them magical. or lacing them with a posion of some sort.. You should not have one in your mouth that explodes, esepcially on impact, i mean what if you are punched in the face? Anyhow quick to use and very resourcefull. The best time to use these are when your foes weapon(s) are engaged.

Wrist crossbows: Usually built into a bracer, you line your forarm up aiming an an opponite and fire, usually magical and magicly reloading, though abit costly. best to use when you are again engaged with your foe, maybe in a block or swing activate it and fire, catching them abit offguard. You would think it would.. hope it would.

Bows and Crossbows: Well you dont want to jump into a fray with one of these, or do you? Bows are great, you can shoot off a few arrows at your foe, the little pin cushion he is will come running up to close the distance, and when he does you will have a suprise, not able to draw your sword fast enough, block with the bow, hell i mean why waste the time.. you should have unsheath your swords in the first place and stuck them in the ground next to you for such an occasion, not everyone in the game should have quickdraw, though, you can knock arrows and fire with a dagger in your hand :).

Cross bows are solid core, use it like a club after firing, the limbs on that could make for a nice hitting surface, that also you can fire and use with a weapon in hand. Some crafters of these weapons have been so bold as to put spikes on the front for stabbing charging foes. Same technique as a bayonet on a rifle. :)

Throwing stars, daggers, and axes: Placement is important for easy accessability, Axes maybe abit hard because of how you hoster them, and daggers the same problem, if they are just lose then what makes you think they are not going to flop out in combat, if the sheaths are tigth then how will you just grab and throw in one motion? Well hell just remeber those things.. throwing starts on the other hand can be in a small fastened pouch, upon the pouch and grab the set of five and let them off, understand calling the area of the body is important, this is a great way to stop a charging foe.. making them duck out of the way or stop, if they swing in deflection well then just throw another to follow the second, mostlikely your throwing of a light tiny weapon will be faster then their long sword coming back around to defend again, not to mention.. they are also charging you. Axes, just make use that they can be easly accessed and thrown, you dont have to throw with much more intent then to hit, if anything it will make them back off, and not to mention the motion the axe spins in as it is hurled at the foe makes it hard to block.

((Ok ok im all kinds of everywhere if i have (grammer) problems or wording problems let me know ))


Lets break this down into small defensive moves that keep our heads on our shoulders and out of the clerical tents, ill even throw some stuff in from the gaming system and also put in one of my 'favorite' characters as a example.

Blocking: To stop an attack, usually a weapon of qual size or greater then the one attacking, i mean i do not think a dagger is going to stop a long sword. Well not unless you use two hands, and try to catch the sword blade well.. anyhow.. Blocks are to stop attack.. For the attacker it means their momentum in the swing has stopped, and for a fraction of a second all the can do is pull the weapon back. This would be an oppertune time ti counter attack, for two weapon wielders you can use that second smaller weapon, or maybe an unarmed strike. Blocking is just that to stop the opponites weapon.
Now, i do not recommend blocking any two handed weapons, greatswords, ax/great axe, flails, morning stars, hammers. There is just to much force behind that strike, mostlikely you will be the one to get hurt from the jarring of your arm or body, fractures broken limbs and the likes..

Example: (matter of fact example.. )

Brutal Bonegrinder, roars in rage taking his great sword into his claws and swings at Simon.. Simon som sort of fight attempts to block the strike with his shield, and like a ball being hit by a bat, Simon is crushed against his shield from the force of the impact and sent flying then tumbling to the ground.

(Now, yes we will get to sheilds.. as angling them against a strike can deflect, but that, is a 'deflection' and not a block.)
Now that would be close to two humans fighting, one with a shield and the other with a two handed great sword, i mean you may block but that just lessesn and limits the damage from using the shield, it also limits your ability to attack them, though against any non two handed sword it would be alot better, as you could just deflect a long sword or block and counter swing as the weight behind the sword is not as great, though it will still make someones arm numb and bruise from all the abuse and jarring i would think.

Deflection: Deflecting an attack can be done to many effects.. placing your weapon in the way of the strike to intercept it, and allow the attackers weapon to hit yours deflecting it away.. i can go into detail because i would confuse myself..(it would be like taking a metal rode striking at another stationary rode tilted at an angle, when you strike it the rod you swing wants to follow the direction and angle of the rod struck..) You try to put your sword blade in the way to deflect the attack 'away' from you.. this will not work against heavier weapons as the deflection would not have enough strenght to send it away and would probably collapse, and i really dont care how much strenght you have, if your 'body' does not have the weight to back it, then it will move before you ever stop the attack or deflect. (think of LoD when that troll is swinging its arm and knocks all those soldiers away, deflect that crap! nope! ^_^) this is just an idea and all though. Do as you will.

Parry: A parry is perfect for deflecting a thrust, its simple just move you weapon across your foes as he stabs at you sending his stab off to the side, from there since it is such a simple and small movement, you can line them up for alot of counters and attacks.


This is so important.. when you are in a fray or just getting ready to start. Distance between the two, because come one, if you are sixty feet apart and the guy charges, you would think you have alittle time to figure out what you want to do.. or when you are deflecting an attack or doing a parry, its always good to farther move your body out of the dangerous line of attack from a weapon incase your attempt at a deflection or parry fails.. Always rememeber when you fall away tumble, get thrown or anything that give distance between you and your foe, give it a number, or they will just assume the 'run up and slashes you while you are on the ground ' i mean if you land 30ft away or land on your rump 10 ft away, that gives atleast a moment to notice the attack if you are not dazzed or something

Next as i follow Thar's thread here his post.. Summoning creatures.. yep i have nothing but Props and he did a great job with that so i will just leave one thing he left out in of it for his Summoned creatures portion of his post.

:Summon Creatures

When a summoned creature enters an Antimagic field, it winks out as and is gone untill the antimagic is lifted or it moves out of the area the summoned creature was in. Now one acception to this, is, SR if a summoned creature has an SR the caster rolls against the SR of the summoned creature, and if the caster failes the creature persists. ^_^

'Damn that hurts, look at all this blood.. oh wait.. nm im good'

I would like to say i also agree with Thar on this, though one must understand that come character's have the ability to ignore wounds, barbians raging, shapeshifter, even some spells take all the pain away. But to keep people interested and want to continue, its always nice to show alittle hurt or pain, so the other char thinks they can effect you just alittle.

Derogatory comments

In the arean around the world, spectator's taunt and throw slander, jeer, etc, at the combatants, Hell in a baseball game players have been known to charge fans stands trying to get at one person and their insults.. I do not agree on the OOC comments, but a persons 'observation' put into narration is ok. I could care less for trolling.. It happens and does in the 'real' world. A Barbarian watching to swashbucklers fighting, might find there tactics in fighting alittle weak and unexciting, do not mistake Derogatory comments as actual character thought, or feeling.

(( I will be adding more, sorry taking so long though ^_^ ))
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Sir Dieterich

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This is an amazing guide and should be handed out to everyone who plays ISRP. I'm a very old war veteran in this game...even though I've only played for three months I've gotten into countless fights, and its really annoying when they do an auto hit, or just don't know how to fight. *bows to Thar* You really should get this handed out to people, or at least get all of them to read it on here. Brilliant!


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Yeah I have read through this entire thing and find both Silver's and Thar's good, and most instances combat would be alot more fun if there were atleast some forms of realism met and not so much anime, epic saga crap, I mean yes it is a fantasy setting but no one likes to see some character taking multiple hits in the clearing from multiple enemies then kind of just heads out?

I use these rules for combat.


Foppish Technocrat
Meh said:
Yeah I have read through this entire thing and find both Silver's and Thar's good, and most instances combat would be alot more fun if there were atleast some forms of realism met and not so much anime, epic saga crap, I mean yes it is a fantasy setting but no one likes to see some character taking multiple hits in the clearing from multiple enemies then kind of just heads out?

Kindly note the difference between stating you preferences and referring to the other people's preferences as crap. If you don't like epic saga combat, don't get into combat with people who do.


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That is obvious if its not liked do not be around it, and im not, thank you for that kindly observation.

Note: I know the difference and my post still stands unedited, but thank you for the thoughtful point.
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Meh said:
That is obvious if its not liked do not be around it, and im not, thank you for that kindly observation.

Note: I know the difference and my post still stands unedited, but thank you for the thoughtful point.

And you should know, having read the Code of Conduct, you're required to behave while on the boards and not refer to other people's preferences as crap. Consequently, I've issued you a warning for trolling.


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Alright, thats fine... I forgot to hit on another note, and I guess Ill be warned for this one to..

I DO not play with character/players that do a god moding, or epic Saga Rp, I do stay away from them, not so much in Enworld as wizards chat, good to know that the move have atleast been alittle to difficult on these preffered players, and that the restrictions of the most used setting have also limited what I guess I do not care for. I

do not play with them, yep I know I do not have to, that is again somewhat obvious FoD and everything else, but that does not stop other people complaining, getting irritated and frustrated when it came down to it, and oddly I am an ear for alot of that, maybe it the people I play with, or hang out with, I don't know.. sorry.

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