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A Guide to Combat Roleplay

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Thanks for the compliments Nathan. I haven't been able to get into the chats much lately, old computer problems having gotten worse recently. I've been around, but not as frequently. My capacity to be online is more severely limited as a result, hence my reduced time being around in the chats.
Same with the MSN situation in answer to Andion's question. I'm still on, but my resources are far more limited than before, so I have to limit my time on there to a fairly short list.
24 MB of active RAM is a very bad thing.... :nonono:

I'm still around, just not as much as I used to be.

But back on topic:
As for not specifically mentioning the more powerful characers, that's due to aiming the guide at characters and players of all levels. I tried to build it to be universally useable as opposed to limited to the lower and mid power levels or the higher ones.

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I must have misinterpretted part of the comments posted along with the fight in regards to setting up the fight and what was edited out. I assumed that attack actions were also being discussed between the actions being posted, my mistake there. The fight definately read well and was one of the better ones I've read in a while.

Again, thank you. Your misinterpretation was my fault. I re-read it and it does indeed imply ongoing discussion. Sorry there.

I think though, on reflection, that what Baal and I did was the result of two players who were playing their characters as accurately as possible; strengths and weaknesses. Let's face it, Siani was overmatched. Anyway, to fight the way Baal and I did requires a modicum of trust and confidence in your opponents' desire to make for a fun and reasonable fight. We each trusted the other not to be ridiculous in what we would avoid or succeed with. This sort of fighting style, 'autohitting' I believe it is called, isn't really autohitting at all.

The difference lies in the way the attacks are worded. I might say I swing my sword and charge, but I don't specify much beyone maybe a target or method. I leave to my opponent to decide whether the action succeeds or not. As Baal also did in evading my attack and then trying to hammer me. Since it was reasonable he would evade such an attack, I stumbled and absorbed the blow. The 'autohit' was *my* decision, not his. I think there is the difference. He didn't decide he hit me, I did. Therefore I keep the whole Freedom of Destiny aspect intact. He did the same.

This style of fighting is what I am used to and is the way I will always do it. Even if my opponent chooses to be....less than reasonable, I will still play my part even if that includes walking away. I believe you mentioned that too rarely used option in the Guide.

In the end result, I hesitate to say this sort of thing isn't for beginners, since I was a beginner when I learned it. OTOH, it does take people who take thier characters and their opponents' characters seriously. It also requires players who respect one another enough to set aside insecurity or powerplay and really want a fight that can be a part of their character. Siani will have a scar from that fight forever, as a reminder of the price of temper.

Not for everyone mayhap, but hey, I like it. :) If you see me in the Clearing off shift sometime, don't hesitate to challenge me. I spar in the same fashion.





Here's something to add, though you may have mentioned this in the guide; spectators

Those who are watching a combat really ought to refrain from derogatory comments that are not a part of the battle being fought. An example would be two people fighting and a third who is uninvolved in any way commenting that there isn't much action in the fight, or similar, to no one in particular. Thought bubbles don't necessarily make it any more polite: such are often used to troll for reaction.

It's one thing to jeer and catcall the badguy as part of the general activity, or as participants on the sidelines as it were, but quite another to have nothing to do with what is going on and just make comments or thoughts of a derogatory nature. For the most part, the people doing the fighting are there for their own pleasure and goals, not necessarily to entertain bored onlookers, though if that happens it is a good thing. A little courtesy goes a long way.

Spectators who are not part of the action should get permission from the combatants before attempting to intervene in any way, and asking before initiating sideline cheers/jeers is a very good idea, especially if one is not known to the combatants.

Something to think on




Excellent point Siani.

While I didn't mention the jeering/commenting in the main post, I did get to the direct interference. I agree completely that onlookers should PM/ask the players of the combatants before making their snide comments. It can be distracting as a player to be focusing on getting your character into the fight and reading breaks between lines where just off-hand comments are being made.

This is especially true if you happen to be an immersion player who focuses on being as one with your character, as it can distract your train of thought just enough to detract from the quality of the battle at hand. If a player is focusing on thinking like their character in a fast paced battle scene [which is the way I prefer to handle them, reactionary tactics and returning the combat at the same time] and someone adds in a little thought bubble making some off-hand or random comment about being bored, it can make standard immersion difficult.

As for the direct interference, I've had that happen to one of my characters. Not just one completely unrelated onlooker, but two decided it was their duty to interfere without asking permission. I just walked away from it, which was a shame, because that fight was part of a long running storyline involving the fighting characters that never got to finish in a way that made the players happy. So I completely agree with that part, which is why I made that a point in the initial guide.

Heh.... this was going to be a short post....

So I guess short response, I agree with you Siani. :angel:


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