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Actualy Jude since most monster give the ability to be played as Player characters, so insets they are, the rules are not prejudice against monsters as some descriptions even examples.===> published books name elf against elf or humanoid against humanoid, and also in the moduals have humans, elves, half-orcs drow, dwarves and others as a big high level evil for you to combat against. And just as there are spells to combat certain 'races' such as humans, or elves, there are also spells specificly against others. (not to mention mosters with class levels in the published monster manuals.)

Some time i will also add to this thread on fighters vs spell casters, because yes, a character close enough to a spell caster can get an extra attack, but do not think that a caster only gets one spell for every five swings of a fight, that would put that fighter at 20th level to begin with in the first place.. and i guess that would already stat them.

In such instances, communication is the key, talk with each other and figure out how it should be done. or the prefrence of each other so it can be fun for both.
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Look at Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the scene with the Black Knight. "It's just a flesh wound!"

Excellent analogy. I enjoyed reading all this, and I appreciate the time you've put into it... Assuming it took you a while to type this out. Excellent work nevertheless. :)


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One thing to always keep in mind..

When your character is in battle, play that Character.

If you happen to have a mage who is wicked sharp and smart, wonderful.. but they shouldn't but duking it out hand to hand with a barbarian.

If you have a fighter who is dumber than a box of rocks.. they probably shouldn't break into spellslinging.

Of course going back to Kat's example..
Kat: "Sir, we only ask that if you happen to find something that might possibly contain his soul, if you would consider notifying us?"

Kat's friend: "Get us back his soul, or I'll kill you."

Not to be a pest.. but an intelligent character might have said what Kat did. Some however, lack tact, grace, and style.

Kat's friend sounds a remarkably lot like Kyra.. *grins* with all the grace and art .. of a brick.

Yet even playing someone so remarkbly obtuse, one should always respect and play nice with others.

So one should keep to their own character, play them as they would play, but in doing so keep them within the CoC and within the etiquette found in combat situations.

It is a delicate and strange balance.. but should always be a part of roleplay and especially combat play.


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*dashes off to type up what was said earlier.. *

Hope you do not mind ther Thar as i am going to play abit with some things and try to give it a try at somethings, bare with me


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Very well put, Silver. Our characters will probably engage in combat one day soon, next week I'm more available for online rp, and it will be a good match. An honor to take you on, being that you are thoroughly aware of how combat is supposed to run.

Player of Dark Defcarr, leader of Darkness.


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Thanks, looking forward to it myself, wonder if i can add you to MSN maybe hand over info on chars

And as stated i will be adding more to this hands just ain't in it today, and still awaiting abit of a Thar reply at the moment.


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Interesting.. you did forget a weapon that is common to some, the Rapier..

Dueling weapons bear their own particular charm, and are often coupled with a secondary short blade or even a flintlock pistol..

Remember kids, while pistols may be allowed in some settings.. They do not work when upon Oerth.. On oerth, they just become a complex club that is useful for bashing someone about the head..


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Well not to be a pain, but it was to be continued, i consider Rapiers to be under the curved blade area slices and piercings, ill get to it all just give me time it comes in spurts ^_^

i will also go into two weapon fighting as well, so again please oh please *begs* bare with me, ill try just to edit my post rather then posting a new one, and when i am completely done, ill post one large post! if that is alright?

As for pistols and rapiers, yes, good old swashbucklers and pirates, after the first ball round has been fired most of the time it was used as a club then unless they had anotherr already loaded on there person, otherwise it was a great blocking weapon or a good sap ^_^ while the rapier worked on the body :)

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