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Hey, hey!
I've managed to re-publish a D&D 5e homebrew class - the Paragon - after months of work on it. I've updated it recently after some feedback I've received to make it even better. The Paragon is focused on innate powers, which are not considered spells. The Paragons draw their powers from sheer force of will, managing to unravel the mysteries of the souls to use the aforementioned powers.

A Paragon has 3 basic abilities, which he uses by controlling his soul and manipulating this type of energy; the energy of Life. They are push/pull, mind thrust, and energy beam(s). It has a d8 as a hit die, receives Unarmored Defense, the subclass at level 2 (there are currently 4 subclasses), Enhancements at level 5 - a way to improve on the three main powers - plus other abilities that lets it shine in the battlefield.

As inspiration, I'm using an archetype from a novel I'm currently writing, mainly a space opera with paranormal abilities.

If this seems appealing to you want to get it, you can do so at the link below:

I'm very open to suggestions, so if you buy it and think something can be improved, let me know.

Thank you!

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