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DMs Guild The Shaman: A 5e Homebrew Class of Spiritual Prowess


First Post
Hey there!

I've managed to give one of my previous classes a much-needed reimplementation, after more than three months of working on it. The class is a full caster, with a d8 as a Hit Die, and with options for support as well as damage dealing. The class description reads as follows:

"Through their own innate calling or through various types of rituals, the shamans have developed their connection to the spirit realm, drawing their power from there. They can then transform it and channel it in the material world, be it through combat prowess or magical awareness, trying to maintain a certain harmony with the spirits they are attuned to.

They specialize through callings, in ways they're drawn to manifest themselves in the Material Plane. There are currently six Spiritual Callings which act as subclasses:

  • Calling of the Ethereal Shepherd
  • Calling of the Planar Exorcist
  • Calling of the Spirit Warrior
  • Calling of the Totemist
  • Calling of the Warchanter
  • Calling of the Witch Doctor"
If this seems appealing to you and you'd like to get it, you can do so at the link below. Many thanks!


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